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Racksapce Wins SuperNova Award For Next Generation Customer Experience With Zimbra Community

Each year at our conference, Constellation's Connected Enterprise, companies submit case studies in several categories, including next generation customer experiences. This post is about how Rackspace, who was a SuperNova Award Winner for Next Gen … [Read More...]

How Retailers Can Optimize Their Holiday Shopping ROI

Who Shops When While one third of all consumers do their Christmas shopping ten days before Christmas it's not a good idea for retailers to wait … [Read More...]

Next Generation Online Holiday Sales Customer Experience Trends

Wondering what consumers were interested in this year? Wondering what the top gift was? How many millions or billions of dollars of products were bought and where? How social networks played into the shopping equation? This post provides data on all of … [Read More...]

Birst Marketing Analytics Paints a Complete Picture of the Customer Journey

Today’s marketing technology landscape represents a whopping 947 different companies that provide software for marketers, focused on specific … [Read More...]