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Lithium and Microsoft Dynamics Form Strategic Partnership

Microsoft Dynamic’s Strategic Alliance with Lithium

It's true - to deliver on a brand promise of excellent customer experience, it takes a village.  And it makes perfect sense that Microsoft Dynamics has created a strategic alliance with Lithium, a community platform vendor. What does this mean? Microsoft … [Read More...]

Salesforce Unveils Next Generation Marketing Cloud; Now Any Journey Is Possible

I'm speaking at Salesforce Exact Target's Connections Conference. And Salesforce has announced their next generation marketing cloud. For more … [Read More...]

Delivering Superb Customer Experience Management Across the Web, Mobile and Commerce

In this research, we look at trends to take ordinary experiences and deliver superb experiences that keep brand promises by delivering superb customer experience management across the web, mobile and commerce. Clients should use this document as a source … [Read More...]

Microsoft Dynamics and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Make Strong Connections

LinkedIn is building deeper integration between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enabling companies to easily connect their social … [Read More...]