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Tech Startup RevJet Reveals World’s First Creative Side Platform (CSP)

One way to enter the marketplace is to do all your development stealth-style and then announce to the world what you have created. And that, in fact is what RevJet, a tech start-up has done. Atter a year of confidential development, the marketing … [Read More...]

Jive Transforms Customers Into Brand Advocates In The Digital Era

And an increase in brand awareness means better brand reputation, customer experiences and can lead to larger profits and revenues. The all-new … [Read More...]

Breaking Big: Teradata Believes We are in the Internet of Analytics vs #IOT

Teradata announced two new breakthrough software capabilities that empower business users to uncover and operationalize the insights hidden within Internet of Things (IoT) data. These were 1. Teradata® Listener™ and 2. Teradata Aster® Analytics on Hadoop … [Read More...]

7 Principles To Drive Success Factors For CMOs to Thrive When Leading Customer Experience

As brands realize Customer Experience Management is key to their overall strategy and long-term growth, our research at Constellation found CMOs … [Read More...]