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How Will Agencies Get the Attention of the CMO? Publicis Groupe Adobe Multi-firm Announces Always-On Service Delivery Platform /

How will agencies get the attention of CMOs for marketing optimization and big data analytics? Here's one approach: Publicis Groupe and Adobe announced a strategic partnership to deliver the Publicis Groupe Always-On Platform™, the first end-to-end … [Read More...]

Content Marketing: BrightEdge Announces Community Edition Including the Data Cube To-Go

Most brands didn't realize the digital disruption and revolution mean that they would become digital publishers. But at the end of the day, that's … [Read More...]

5 Easy Steps to Solve Your Digital Marketing Challenges Using Big Data Analytics: A Clear Path Forward for the CMO

The world has gone digital, and no one feels the pressure more than the CMO. Customer segmentation presents challenges that are not possible to uncover with traditional methods. According to Forbes, “Gartner analyst Laura McLellan recently predicted that … [Read More...]

Data as a Service: Targeted to A Business Use Case & Integrated into Business Applications

If you have not seen the Oracle Data as a Service offering, it maybe something you'll want to consider. Why? Big Data is now one of the hottest … [Read More...]