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What Are the 4 Pillars Of Social Selling? What Creates Social Selling Success?

My latest report is a best practices guide for sales leaders and teams looking to use social to transform their average-performing sales teams into top performers (1-2). Did you know that seventy-eight percent of salespeople who use social media outsell … [Read More...]

How Many Security Breach Notices Have You Gotten? Time Cloud Providers Step Up

I don't know about you, but I do worry about cybercrime. I just got another notice in the mail from a company saying that they "may have had a … [Read More...]

Is Social Selling Going to Make a Difference in Your Sales Organization?

In speaking to many sales leaders and sales reps (especially outside of Silicon Valley) they were wondering, "Would social selling make a difference to my sales organization and our sales results?" Having been in the "social media / digital world" for a … [Read More...]

What You Don’t Know About APIs Could Hurt Your Ability to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

What is the API Economy? Why not knowing about your APIs, could hurt your business? One of the issues is that the APIs you currently have may not be … [Read More...]