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Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Has The Ability to Search Photos by Content

The term artificial intelligence was coined 60 year ago. But now its starting to deliver. Lumos's computer vision platform was initially used to improve the experience for visually impaired members of the Facebook community. Lumos is now powering image … [Read More...]

Digital Disruption is Gonna Get You Unless You Prepare Your Brand Now

Disruption surrounds the marketplace. As companies face disruption in their industry, the race to stay ahead of or beat the competition is quickening. … [Read More...]

The Smart Home Race: Who Will Win?

Here are three main smart home contenders: Apple’s HomeKit Amazon’s Echo, Tap and Dot and Google's Home. The main issues? Consumer confusion, which adoption follows. There is, unfortunately, technological fragmentation within the connected home … [Read More...]

Has The Age of George Jetson IoT Time Come? Alex Was the Star of CES

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is the software that allows owners to control compatible devices with their voice. From the various  reports it was … [Read More...]