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Delta Uses Microsoft to Transform Flight Operations and the Customer Experience

In 2013, Delta Air Lines sought to reduce the amount of paperwork the pilots carry in their flight bags by implementing an enterprise managed tablet system. The average flight bag contained thirty-eight pounds of paperwork. Multiplied over thousands of … [Read More...]

Translation Service Broker for Translating Global Marketing Content

If you run a global company and are wondering how the heck do I take all my assests and may sure that they get properly translated, I wanted you to … [Read More...]

Act-On’s New Platform Capabilities Give Marketers More Flexibility, Power, Control and Enhanced Usability

Act-on Software provides marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses. Their latest platform enhancements are designed to empower marketers to customize individual user experiences as well as reports for marketers based on unique business … [Read More...]

Data-Driven Marketing Campaign Optimization

The advancing complexity of marketing technology is accelerating and deepening the need for a greater understanding of how Big Data and marketing … [Read More...]