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2015 Teradata Influencer Summit

One of the best ways to really try to keep up with everything that is happening in the digital space is to attend conferences. It's difficult to attend them all, but it's important to try to attend as many as you can so you are up to speed. The Teradata … [Read More...]

Disrupting Digital Business: The Customer Experience Imperative

As digital business is emerging, it's disrupting business. What does that mean? It means that how you do business must change. And it's not just … [Read More...]

Are You Going to LiNC 2015 Conference?

LiNC features a lineup of leading global brands, top industry analysts, thought-leaders and business visionaries. You will be inspired by the best and brightest in business. There are workshops, certification & social strategy sessions with … [Read More...]

Making Social Customer Care Great Marketing

Social Customer Care Social Customer Care, simply put, has become an expectation amongst consumers. Social Customer Care is one of the most important … [Read More...]