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Act-On’s New Platform Capabilities Give Marketers More Flexibility, Power, Control and Enhanced Usability

Act-on Software provides marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses. Their latest platform enhancements are designed to empower marketers to customize individual user experiences as well as reports for marketers based on unique business … [Read More...]

CEO’s Mandate: Make Customer Service / Customer Experience Top Priority

CEO's Must Make Customer Experience the Number One Top Priority The bottom-line? You know me. I get to it real quick. When you empower your … [Read More...]

Translation Service Broker for Translating Global Marketing Content

If you run a global company and are wondering how the heck do I take all my assests and may sure that they get properly translated, I wanted you to know (if you don't already know) about Cloudwords. There's lots of translation service - meaning the ones … [Read More...]

New Belgium Brewing Creates Great Customer Experiences Using Microsoft Dynamics

The keys to New Belgium Brewing’s success are not just the beers it creates. It’s also having a focus on environmental responsibility and dedication … [Read More...]