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New Report: Neuroscience Proves Customer Experience (CX) Isn’t Just Fluff

What's the Importance of CX? There's a lot of talk about creating a great customer experience. Seems the world has gone from being concerned with CRM to customer experience. And every vendor is talking about it- whether its a marketing vendor, customer … [Read More...]

Guest Post: The Relationship Between Cloud ERP and Big Data

There have been quite a few articles written on adopting cloud-based ERP, and whether the technology will be along the lines of its counterparts. … [Read More...]

Local Motor’s Self-Driving Vehicle Taps the Power of IBM Watson

There's been a lot of talk around self-driving cars and Local Motors, a leading vehicle technology integrator and creator of the world’s first 3D-printed cars, introduced the first self-driving vehicle to integrate the advanced cognitive computing … [Read More...]

New Report: The Digital Disruption Blindspot: What Could Put Your IOT Initiative Out of Business

What drives business models? Do you know if your business model is linear or exponential? What would determine if the business model was exponential … [Read More...]