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Request For Case Studies – High Level Marketing Optimization Capabilities

As the application for the Constellation Research Super Nova Awards are coming up soon (and winners revealed at the Constellation Research Conference, The Connected Enterprise, I am listening very closely for companies that are actually implementing their … [Read More...]

How Companies are Building the Green Internet: GreenPeace Report

The GreenPeace Report puts technology companies into groups of energy use: Dirty Energy, Middle Of The Road and Green Innovators. As an analyst, we … [Read More...]

Data-Driven Marketing Campaign Optimization

My report is about how CMOs can use big data and analytics to transform marketing decision-making and advance corporate innovation by using big data to optimize your marketing efforts.  The way I went about writing this report was I interviewed both … [Read More...]

April 7-9 2014: Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

I'm thrilled to be attending the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2014. Here is more information if you're interested in joining me: Conference … [Read More...]