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How Retailers Can Optimize Their Holiday Shopping ROI

Who Shops When While one third of all consumers do their Christmas shopping ten days before Christmas it's not a good idea for retailers to wait this long to start their holiday marketing strategy. After all, retailers earn around 20 percent of their … [Read More...]

ServiceSource Announces New CEO: Christopher M. Carrington

ServiceSource® (NASDAQ:SREV), a leader in recurring revenue and customer success management, today announced that its Board of Directors named … [Read More...]

Salesforce Unveils Next Generation Social Studio

If you have been wondering what Salesforce has been up to, they have unveiled their next generation social studio, which is now fully integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It's got an interesting twist in that it includes next generation social … [Read More...]

Dreamforce 2014 #D14: Benioff Announces Customer Success Platform

One of the many scoops at Dreamforce this year is the announcement of the Customer Success Platform. The idea behind what Salesforce is offering is … [Read More...]