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The State of Customer Service and Support in 2015

This report is about how Customer Service and Support is evolving into Customer Success Management as top differentiator by companies and brands that understand the importance of the digital disruption and how it is affecting their business and their … [Read More...]

The State of Customer Success Management in 2015

This report is about the The State of Customer Success Management in 2015. Constellation’s research team delivers its inaugural series on the state of … [Read More...]

How Rackspace Creates the Next-Generation Customer Experience

Rackspace chose to implement a global online community powered by Zimbra to provide its customers with a central place to share questions, discuss challenges, rate content and provide feedback about Rackspace's products. This community focuses on scalable … [Read More...]

81% of all Marketers Say They Need to Overhaul Their Marketing Organizations

Marketo commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to do a survey where they asked nearly 500 CMOs and marketing leaders from around the world on … [Read More...]