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Is Email Dead Or Very Much Alive in Our Work and Play?

Some people say email is dead. Other's know it's not because they spend over half their day checking and responding to email. To find out how prevalent email is in our work and play life, Adobe did a study to explore how present email is in our “always … [Read More...]

Stitch Labs: Democratizing Commerce and Empowering Retailers

Stitch Lab's mission is to democratize commerce and empower retailers by providing resources to improve their businesses as well as their employee's … [Read More...]

IOT: Salesforce Introduces New Service Cloud Lightning Console and Wave Analytics App

By 2020 it is estimated that there will be over 50 billion connected devices. And that means that consumers will be more connected than ever before, across mobile phones, wearables and other devices and the field of IOT will continue to expand. So if … [Read More...]

Mintigo: Advanced Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Being able to make better use of your Marketing leads is the difference between closing deals and not. One of the most important aspects of  marketing … [Read More...]