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Content Management Best Practices in Staffing

Often times when I talk to marketers they are finally realizing they are becoming publishers. Most brands started out with some sort of website, though it was mostly a brochure, it had content. But with the advent of so many new channels via social and … [Read More...]

The Social Selling Index: What’s Your Score?

If you are in sales, which in some capacity we all are, you really must begin the road down social selling. As I have worked on research on this … [Read More...]

ThinkBig and Teradata Partner for Data Consulting

With all the data and all the opportunity, it's really necessary to have someone focus on getting most out of that data. Otherwise, as other's have coined, you end up with a data lake - a bunch of data but not in context and not useable in providing … [Read More...]

The Year of the Customer: Research Points to the New Focus Must Be The Customer

Over the years I've covered Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Support, Customer Success Management - all of which end up providing the brand or … [Read More...]