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Thanks for reaching out!Here’s how you can reach me:Press and Media: Please email me at or call 310-910-1542

Speaking at your event: Please call 310-910-1542 or email the event details to and the T&E and speaking stipend.

Twitter: follow me: drnatalie To join the conversation, you might want to use the hash tags: #PR #SocialID #Marketing #SocialMedia #SM #CustServ #SCRM and #customerservice

Which hashtag I use depends on what I am tweeting about. Sometimes I use a lot of handles because I span a large, cross-functional audience! If you see a lot of tweets coming from me, it generally means I am at a conference doing real-time, play-by-play reporting on the sessions or talking to vendors about their offerings.

If you have an important blog post or story, you can DM me or send me an RT request.

I may not RT all of them, but will do my best!

If you are a vendor and would like to update me on your product:email doctornatalie@gmail.comI like to review Marketing, PR, Social Media, Digital Communications, Social Media Monitoring, CRM (Marketing, Sales and Service) Customer Service and Contact Center Vendors solutions. Often my clients need to know what to buy or use, so it’s helpful to keep up!If you’d like guidance on a project or initiative: i.e., or help with PR, Marketing, Social CRM, Social Customer Service Web 2.0, Customer Experience… please email me at I am one of the few people that have true “T” Executive experience, meaning that I have cross-functional expertise in many areas (the horizontal part of the T) and deep functional expertise (the vertical part of the T.) I have a lot of practical business experience as well as a very good understanding of how social media and digital communications affects traditional business, and can help a business not only implement these type of programs, but also measure their success. Using Social Media to Obtain Bottom Line Business Results CourseThis course is for executives and professionals who want to go beyond the basics and learn how to apply social media to get concrete business results. Click HERE for more information on this course.

Listen to Dr. Natalie on Voice America.