Books, Research & Articles

Books Dr. Natalie has authored:

  • The Leadership Advantage, AMG Press (Wrote for Hitachi Executives)
  • Reinventing Your Contact Center: Managers Guide To Managing Multi-Channel Contact Centers, Prentice Hall
  • Integrating Your People with Process and CRM Technology: Change Management That Provides An ROI, Anton Press
  • CRM: The Bottom Line to Optimizing Your ROI, Prentice Hall
  • Recruiting and Retaining Call Center Employees, ASTD.
  • Customer Service at a Crossroad, Anton Press  (Wrote for CEO of Knowlagent)
  • Customer Obsession, Anton Press (Wrote for CEO of Genesys)
  • CRM Technology, Anton Press (Wrote for Executive at SBC)
  • Conducting A Call Center Audit, Anton Press (Wrote for Executive at Benchmarkportal)

Dr. Natalie’s Research and White Papers:

The Algorithm of You: How IoT Transforms and Differentiates Customer Experience: Using the Internet of Things to Boost Revenue and Deliver a Brand’s Personalized Promise

Digital Disruption: The Blind Spot That Could Sink Your IoT and CX Initiatives

• Halo Uses Xively’s Internet of Things Platform to Redefine Safety Devices

How General Motors Using Social Media To Listen To Customers and Sell Cars and Deliver Service

Nine Pillar Of Successful Self-Service for Digital Customer Engagement

Should the Chief Marketing Officer Oversee the Whole Customer Experience?

The Internet of Things Improves Customer Experience in Retail Supply Chain

• VentureBeat: Should the CMO Run the Whole Customer Experience?

• ROI Of Customer Service & Customer Experience

• The ROI Of Agile Customer Care: Reduce Training and Easy To Add Channels

• The ROI of Online Communities: Online Communities Provide Value Beyond Call Deflection

• Why Top Marketers Create Branded Social Networks for Customer Engagement

• 6 Pillars of e-commerce Customer Engagement

• 9 C’s of Customer Engagement – Delivery and Communication Styles: Channels, Content and Cadence

• 9 C’s of Customer Engagement – People Centric Values: External & Internal Culture, Community, Credibility

• 9 C’s of Customer Engagement – Right Time Drivers: Context, Catalysts, Currency

• How Sales Leaders and Sales Reps Can Create a Social Selling Organization: Convert Average Sales Teams into Top Performers Using Social Networks

• Five Approaches to Drive Customer Loyalty in a Digital World

• Executive Brief: Can Brands Keep Their Promise?

• Oracle Moves Its Focus from the CIO to the CMO

• The Modern Sales Experience

• Marketing Funnels Are Dead, What’s Next?

• How Delta Uses Microsoft Dynamics and Avanade to Create Next-Generation Customer Experiences

• How to Staff the Team for Effective Content Marketing

• How Rackspace Creates the Next-Generation Customer Experience

• Gainsight: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy

 ServiceSource: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy

• Bluenose: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy

• Totango: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy

• Experience Management: How to Deliver Integrated Customer Experiences

• Continuity of Customer Experiences Drives the Future of Commerce

• Data-Driven Marketing Campaign Optimization

• The State of Customer Service and Support Evolves in 2015

• The State of Customer Success Management in 2015

• The State of Marketing in 2015

• How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Improves Productivity at Trek Bicycle

• Delta Uses Microsoft to Transform Flight Operations and the Customer Experience

• New Belgium Brewing Creates Great Customer Experiences Using Microsoft Dynamics

• Beyond Journey Maps, Delivering Mass Personalization at Scale

• Top Ten People to Follow in the Social CRM Space and Why (Part 2)

• Is @oldspice engaging with the social customer – PR or SCRM?

• The Future of Customer Service is Here – Are You Ready For It?

• The Social Contract: From Rousseau to Kevin Smith

• The State of CRM: Analyst Roundtable Conversation

• The Economics of Social Business

• Why Sales is Still Missing from Social CRM

• Aggregating Some Random Pieces: The Social CRM Industry

• The Evolution of Customer Acquisition at CRM Revolution #CRMe10

• The Economics of Social • The State of CRM: Analyst Roundtable Conversation

• The ROI Of Customer Service Web 2.0 Online Communities

• How to Get Your Business Case Approved

• The Economic Necessity Of Customer Service

• Forrester’s Customer Service Innovation Framework And Self-Assessment

• The Forrester Wave™: Customer Service Software Solutions, Q4 2008: Define The Customer Experience Before Choosing A Vendor

• Why Talking To Your Customers Is Ruining Your Business: Five Ways To Deliver Extraordinary Customer Service Agent Interactions

• Customer Service: A Keystone Of Your Corporate Revenue Strategy

• The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise CRM Suites, Q3 2008: Buyers Face Difficult Choices In A Crowded Market

• The Forrester Wave™: Midmarket CRM Suites, Q3 2008: Solutions From Microsoft, Oracle, RightNow, And Lead The Way

• Your Brand Ambassadors: Your Agents and Your Contact Center

• Return on Advertising Dollars (ROAD): How to Obtain a Advertising ROI and Incorporate New Media

• Return on Marketing Dollars (ROMI): Strategic Leadership In the New World of Marketing

• Organizational Change Management: Changing Leadership for Effective Change Management

• Protecting Customer Data: The Business Case for Data Privacy

• Customer Advocacy: The Business Case for Customer-Centric Companies

• Knowledge Management: The ROI of Your Brain Trust

• Creating the Single View of the Customer

• The Use of Symbols to Capture Caller Data Efficiently and Accurately,

• Managing Call Center Service Quality,, 2001

• Customer Lifetime Value: Obtaining The Maximum ROI of CRM,

• The Psychological Impact of Change in A Call Center: Training Employees to Handle “The Valley of Tears,”

• The New Virtual Paradigm in CRM: Cyber Agents,”

Articles Written By Dr. Natalie:

TMCNet: You’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. It’s not the first time you’ve called this company’s contact center.

CRMxChange: In a Poor Economy, Customer Experience is Job #1

1to1Media: What’s Your Customer Profit Plan?

Customer Strategy: Want to Gain Competitive Advantage? Then Start Looking After Your Customers NOW! When a Smart Phone Was Too Smart: Why a Major Telco Bucked the Technology-Buying Paradigm

Multi-Channel Merchant: The Benefits of Making Customer Advocacy Job #1: Happy Customers

CRM Magazine: The Tipping Point – The Scientific Reason for CRM Failure – Part 1

CRM Magazine: The Tipping Point – The Scientific Reason for CRM Failure – Part 2

CRMGuru.comOrganizational Change Management; Appease the Brain and Reduce the Resistance To Change

CRMGuru: How Do You Handle Brain Drain? Capture Corporate Brain Trust Knowledge Before You Downsize With Knowledge Management

Customer Solutions Interactions: How Much Is Your Customer’s Trust Worth?

Graziadio School of Business Pepperdine University, Business Report: The Business Impact of Change Management: What is the Common Denominator for High Project ROI’s

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KENSHO: A Modern Awakening – (Chapter on Social Media Customer Service ROI – Chapter 8)



Empathy In Action: How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences at Scale