“Dr. Natalie is an extremely insightful, enthusiastic and articulate thought leader providing detailed content focused on providing value and actionable recommendations to readers. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Chris Bechtel, President and CEO at iPressroom, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff on various professional collaborations. Dr. Natalie is a dedicated researcher who enjoys the pursuit of truth and fact. She is a skilled speaker, and can captivate an audience with her insightful conclusions and calculations. She is positive, upbeat, professional, and relentless in her mission to share her knowledge with others. I hope to continue to work with Natalie for many years to come!”

— Jennifer Tyler,  System Engineer on contract NOAA Coastal Services Center (The Baldwin Group Inc.), attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie was perhaps the first – and certainly the most enthusiastic – advocate for the use of social media in customer service. Now, she seems rather prescient, and that is possibly thanks to her advocacy for the idea – she helped connect the dots for a lot of business decision makers in order to jump-start socially-enabled service. She has a rare ability to communicate complex technology and business issues in a way that is approachable and understandable.”

— Chris Bucholtz,  Editor-in-Chief, CRM Outsiders at SugarCRM, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie is passionate about ROI. Very few people that I’ve met have been able to draw on their creativity like she has to present the essence of social media ROI like she has. A treasure trove of ideas with a heart of gold.”

— David Alston, CMO at Radian6, a salesforce.com company, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“I have known Dr. Natalie over the years while working in the consumer affairs arena. She is organized, thoughtful, efficient, and extremely competent in working with all the people she meets, regardless of age or place in the business world. I strongly recommend my dear friend, Dr. Natalie.”

— Sam DiLiberto, Vice President, Contact Solutions at American Customer Care, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie is one of those very rare individuals who extremely knowledgeable in technology, marketing, social media, PR and television. She has an extraordinary talent of communicating complex products and concepts and making them accessible to everyone. Whether hiring her in a the capacity of professor, consultant, analyst or television commentator, she will do an excellent job!!!”

— Christine Adzich, Senior Account Executive at Gartner, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“I’ve been learning from Natalie Petouhoff since she was a Forrester analyst, turning incredibly complex business models into clear and actionable insights. I then saw her shine on the Agency level, watching and learning as she helped Weber Shandwick become PR agency of the year. This past year, I’ve been delighted to learn from her as a friend. Her understand of social customer service is at the highest level. Dr. Petouhoff is a consumate professional: Knowledgeable, gracious, kind, helpful and dedicated. I recommend her thoroughly and whole-heartedly.”

— Tristan Bishop, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy at Symantec, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“You were PHENOMENAL today! Best speaker we’ve had by far. :)”

— Justin Williams, Owner at sketchbookLA, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the role of social media and customer service. She’s always high energy, responsive and willing to share her insights.”

— Lisa Pintchman, EVP, Weber Shandwick Worldwide, worked with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“Dr. Natalie is a zealot of the highest level of professionalism on all things related to customer and social media. In addition, she is a great partner and someone with whom you can have confidence in partnering with. She is true to her word and delivers what she says she will.”

— Jeanne Bliss, Owner, CustomerBLISS, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“As a small business owner, I want to acknowledge Natalie’s excellence and recommend her as an informative and knowledgeable source of marketing, branding, social media and customer service consultation advice. She is a leader who inspires others to reach their potential. I am grateful that I have access to her advice, leadership and direction.”

— Mary-Suzanne Peters, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Dr. Natalie worked with us repeatedly at Get Satisfaction while she was with Forrester. Her analysis was always superb, and her research and thinking definitely drove our business forward. As the first analyst to focus on the quantitative value of community and social media when applied to traditional customer service metrics, her insights were both inspiring to our team and useful on sales calls — an excellent combination!”

— Lane Becker, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Natalie is one of the rare people who understands both the human and technical dimensions of technology-enabled business projects. Her range of motion is broad, covering such diverse areas as marketing, communications, analysis, social media, training, change management, and so on. Before leaving Forrester, Natalie was one of their top analysts. Today, she leads a business practice at Weber Shandwick. This all attests to her diverse set of skills and excellent thinking ability.”

— Michael Krigsman, CEO, Asuret Inc., was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“Dr. Natalie, is on my shortlist of Social Media experts — a top-notch go-to leader comfortable whether she is on-camera, a webcast, presenting from a conference podium or in C-level client engagements. She has the rare ability to quickly go from strategic heights down to the operational weeds to root out the most important areas to set your focus. From my first opportunity to work with her in 2006 as she prepared one of the earliest community platform RIO models for Forrester to more recent engagements, Dr. Natalie is an open and true collaborator believing that practitioner expertise combined with analysis provides the best all around business intelligence to put to work.”

— Charles Miller, Director, Digital Care/Social Media Strategy, DIRECTV, Inc., was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“Natalie Petouhoff is a leading influencer in CRM and an adept counselor for companies seeking to understand social CRM and to execute on an effective strategy for bringing their companies closer to customers. We’re also proud to carry her blog on Social Media Today and The Social Customer.”

— Robin Fray Carey, Co-Founder, CEO, Social Media Today LLC, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“Dr. Natalie is a strong communicator who can see issues through multiple lenses, understand the core elements in play, and help enable transformational solutions that have real impact. She would be a valued resource for any organization undergoing foundational change.”

— Ted Bray, Vice President, Contact Center Solutions, RightNow Technologies, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“Dr. Natalie is one of the brightest women I have met in the digital space. When we met, we both knew each other “got it” and connected. Her vision for future trends and of practical applications is spot on. She is able to tie, CRM, Social Media and ecommerce into an understandable roadmap with ROI metrics.When I need to pick someones brain or twitter feed, she is one that I look to.”

— Karen Kallet, National Director of Marketing, Carrington Colleges Group, Inc., was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“My company had not used consultative professional services like those provided by Dr. Natalie. One of the most valuable aspects she provided was objective and independent advice about what we were trying to accomplish and how firms like hers could be used most effectively. She is a true expert and her advice was invaluable to our thinking about how the social media space could be best used by our firm.”

— Michael Young, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Dr. Natalie is an extremely knowledgeable person in the subjects of customer relationship/CRM and social media. She is a true professional and leader in this field, and she is highly respected by all. She understands what it takes to create a strategy that will have a true impact on companies and their customers. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any leadership position.”

— Becky Carroll, Community Manager, Verizon, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“I’m the first female guest announcer on Wheel of Fortune. I needed to let everyone know that I would be on and to get their vote of support for me to get the full time job. Dr. Natalie had the patience of a saint and gave incredibly clear and direct guidance on the simple basics and the more complex aspects of social media. With her help, I generated a substantial Twitter following in less than 24 hours! Her advice on my press release title and content enabled it to be picked up by dozens of sites the same day it was released. Dr. Natalie truly is an expert on communications, marketing and how to use social media to make a difference in and change the world!”

— Lora Cain, Owner, Lora Cain Productions, worked directly with Dr. Natalie at Weber Shandwick

“Dr. Nat’s class was not your typical course in “organizational change” or “human resources.” What I learned from her in 2005, I was able to apply to my own behaviors in management and complex marketing situations. Her school of thought, her corporate experience, and her teaching technique provoked my own urge to teach others. If you have the opportunity to either meet or take a course from Dr. Nat, prepare to be intrigued and inspired!”

— Malia Rivera, Student, Pepperdine University, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Pepperdine University

“Dr. Natalie is a champion of customer centricity and all things related to it, and has in-depth knowledge of the discipline that she’s always happy to share. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”

— Ginger Conlon, Editorial Director, 1to1 Media, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“I first heard about Dr. Petouhoff when I joined the ranks of Twitter. I was starting to explore this emerging world of Social CRM. It became very clear very early on that Dr. Nat 😉 was the defacto Queen of CRM. Through her early use of vlogging and her insightful context from conferences, I was able to start on solid ground into my journey into Social Business. Forever grateful, Rob.”

— Robert Lavigne, PMP (@RLavigne42), Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding Micro-Blogger and Researcher, The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“I leveraged Natalie’s expertise while she was at Forrester. She gave me great guidance when I was exploring the market for my next adventure, and she continues to provide me with valuable feedback and advice at Weber Shandwick. She is smart, has a great sense of humor, and her integrity is unsurpassed. She also gives back to the community in a big way. I highly recommend Natalie.”

— Charlie Isaacs, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Our company had the pleasure of briefing Dr. Natalie while she was an analyst at Forrester. I’d have to say she was and still is one of our favorites. Not only does her research reflect a smart, practical business approach to social media and CRM, but she’s engaging, kind and someone to trust. Whenever I reach out to her, she always responds quickly.”

— Kathy Saenz, Corporate Communications Manager, INgage Networks, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie is one of the most respected voices in the areas of customer service, customer experience and social media – and the integration points where all three connect. Her research work has always been required reading because of the quality of her analysis, and for the way she is able to deliver it in a very consumable fashion. Her knowledge on these subjects run both wide and deep, and her ability to communicate her expertise makes her stand out from the pack. I highly recommend Dr. Natalie to anyone remotely interested in knowing what direction social media, customer service and customer experience is headed.”

— Brent Leary, Owner, CRM Essentials, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr Natalie’s intellect and subject matter value is indisputable. What I think sets her apart in the sea of consulting and executive talent is her ability to live and breathe the principals and spirit of social business. I first met Dr. Nat on Twitter (like I’m sure is the story with many of us in this community). While we were developing a mutually beneficial relationship based on our intellectual dialog and idea sharing, with which Dr Nat has always been extremely generous, a colleague of mine who knew Nat via the UCLA alumni network, suggested we discuss a specific project I was working on. Dr. Nat took the same consultative approach in this more specific discussion as she had with our previous more general conversations. In other words, she didn’t go into “sales mode” once she learned of a real project opportunity. As we explored this opportunity, she continued to share her ideas freely and was willing to spend the time necessary to get the the place where we mutually agreed that we should move forward. Once my organization hired Dr Nat, she was extremely gracious and patient with individuals that had a very limited knowledge of the of social business and the business value proposition contained within such a strategy. In hiring a consultant, again one of the keys I look for is not so much the intellectual capacity, there are many smart folks in the world, but how am I going to effectively partner with this person to get the job done and create value – the intangibles, if you will. Dr. Nat is at the top of the heap in this category. And since our engagement, Dr Nat has continued to be gracious in sharing her ideas and helping me think differently about my social business strategy.”

— Barry Dalton, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Dr. Natalie proves the premise that expansiveness of mind results in a creative, expansive personality. I value Dr. Natalie’s perspective on the emerging world of marketing and technology. Her intelligence and insight provide a rich POV on any given topic. I feel honored to be associated with her.”

— Judy Shapiro, CEO, Founder, engageSimply, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“We leveraged Dr. Nat’s industry expertise to help us improve our service and business model. She brought a great deal of insight and creative solutions to the table that we might not have identified on our own!”

— Tanya Koons, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Dr. Nat has a tremendous multidisciplinary background that enables her to provide excellent insights and analysis into her areas of expertise, CRM, SCRM and everything CEM. Her consulting and project management skills enable her to provide a unique and deep understanding of the market dynamics and what they mean to you and your company. Dr. Nat is very personable, easy to work with and the majority of my colleagues at SAP really enjoy working with her.”

— Peter Auditore, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Professional strategists fall into two basic categories. One group collects expertise through years of work in the trenches, distills the best of that experience, and reproduces what’s worked before to apply to new circumstances. The second group pulls together a vast array of knowledge from extensive discovery and discussion, and distills it into constructs that can be applied to new environments and problems. Dr. Natalie is unique in that she’s equally adept in both categories of expertise. While at Forrester, Dr. Natalie put far more effort than was expected into connecting and communicating with clients about customer-related issues and sharing her personal experiences and lessons learned. She also created innovative, boundary-breaking customer interaction concepts and challenged business leaders to use them to destroy stagnant relationships with customers and turn them into blossoming connections. She consistently ranked among the most sought-after of Forrester’s analysts, because clients knew she could deliver high value in remarkably brief interactions. They also knew once they were connected to Dr. Natalie, they’d have access to an enormous reservoir of expertise through her huge network of professional relationships. I admired her for the commitment and genuine caring she offered to everyone she interacted with. It would be enormously satisfying to work with her in future, and I recommend her expertise without reservation.”

— Paul Zagaeski, Director of Consulting, Forrester Research, worked directly with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“I worked with Dr Natalie while she was a Forrester Analyst and I was CEO of a Social CRM company. Dr Nat had an extremely deep and ROI-oriented sense of the Social world. She constructed research projects that have given her unique insights into how Social really works. In short, she is focused on real practical results and not all the hype. That’s refreshing in an area that has has tended to be overhyped.”

— Bob Warfield, CEO, Helpstream, was a consultant or contractor to Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“I love Dr. Natalie because she brings a real dig-down-into-the-numbers kind of sensibility to social business. She was a great advisor while I was at Lithium Technologies and really understands the social customer and social business landscape. Always interested in what Natalie’s doing.”

— Matthew Thomson, Director of Product, Business Applications, Lithium Technologies, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“It is both a pleasure and a privilege to write a recommendation for Dr Natalie. I was lucky enough to work with her on a Forrester report she was writing about us at the time. For me, she was and continues to be in the highly fluid and disjointed world of social media a rare beacon of inspiration and insight. Dr Natalie’s knowledge of social media and scrm, particularly the use of social media within customer care, is well known and respected. She was always very approachable, open and willing to share her wealth of knowledge. She now brings this knowledge and expertise to Weber Shandwick in a broader strategic role, where she has the opportunity to truly bring to bear the in-depth expertise she has built up over a number of years.”

— Guy Stephens | @guy1067, Customer Knowledge Manager, Carphone Warehouse, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie’s background speaks for itself, but what I found to be one of her best qualities was her ability to assess a companies needs and deliver relevant solutions with tactics and help you get there together. She’s willing to roll up her selves and truly be a partner through the creative process all the way to reporting the results. Natalie’s an asset to any team that has success in its future. – Ashley E Dunn”

— Ashley Dunn, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“For the last couple of years, Dr. Natalie is a voice we have followed. Her knowledge of Social Media combined with a practical understanding of the Enterprise has shaped many of our strategic decisions.”

— Mario R. Cavagnari, CEO, SimplyBox, Inc., was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“It has been such a pleasure working with Dr. Natalie exploring the forefront of issues in social CRM. She’s brilliant, articulate, and a delight to work with and be with!”

— Clara Shih, Founder and CEO, Hearsay Corporation, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie is able to meet with the patient (her client), understand their family (their clients, business partners, etc.), recommend the right prescription (provide the right strategy), monitor the patient’s heartbeat (look at the metrics and determine how to continuously improve the program) and make house calls (to help fine-tune the program). She knows how to help companies re-engineer via hands-on guidance and also high level strategic thinking.”

— Scott K. Wilder, GM – Online Communities / Social Media. Also Managed eCommerce/Online Marketing, Small Business Division Intuit, Inc., was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Natalie is a well known personality and expert in the CRM and contact center fields, respected by her clients, peers, and trade press. Throughout the years our editorial staff has sought out her opinions and guidance on topics ranging from very broad overviews, to very specific questions concerning vendors and technologies. I hate to use the words thought leader or influencer, because in most cases these terms are over used and essentially meaningless, but in Dr. Nat’s case they are actually true. Together with her close relationships with a small group of her peers (who also legitimately qualify as thought leaders and influencers) she has and remains, a go-to person in the market spaces covered in the pages of CRM magazine, and destinationCRM.com.”

— Bob Fernekees, Vice President/Group Publisher, Information Today, Inc, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie is one of my go to people – both for information about what is happening in the industry as well as for business advice. I have recommended her for several speaking engagements and she has my complete trust.”

— J. Bruce Daley, Founder, The Siebel Observer, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Natalie has deep experience with customer service and customer support, and has developed strong skills and knowledge about the transformational impact of social media on the customer experience. In addition, Natalie is passionate about customer service, and has taken the social tools to heart by having a large presence on Twitter.”

— Connie Moore, Vice President and Research Director, Forrester Research, managed Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie is an expert in her field. I have worked with Natalie to produce high quality webcasts and white papers. She delivers high quality work on time. In addition, she is always a pleasure to work with.”

— Sheri Greenhaus, was Dr. Natalie’s client “Natalie was always highly respected at Forrester as a top subject matter expert in customer

service and social technologies. I still keep in touch with Natalie and value her professional opinon.”

— Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, worked directly with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“I worked with Natalie on several projects related to social CRM. She is one of the smartest and also nicest people I’ve ever worked with, and I very much enjoyed collaborating with her. I learned a thing or two from her as well.”

— James Kobielus, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, worked directly with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie is a deeply passionate and tiredless advocate for customer service and the customer. She is a visionary Though Leader in the CRM, Social CRM, Social Media, Customer Experience and Customer Service areas, with a incredible ability to help companies understand the appropriate strategies that benefit both the company AND the customer. I highly recommend Dr. Natalie to any organization that is trying to improve its relationships with customers.”

— Scott Rogers, Director, Strategic Planning, David’s Bridal, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr Nat and I met at a customer summit where we were both speaking. I was struck by two things: 1. how interesting she made her presentation 2. by her seeking me out and wanting to make a connection. Dr Nat’s presentation had very few slides to portray a mass of information yet it resonated. Her presence on and off stage is spell binding and she’s a true expert in her field. She’s also a warm and engaging person to be with and I was truly flattered that she wanted to include me in her peer group. We still regularly correspond via social media channels where she is inspirational. Dr Nat also wrote a white paper on the social media work I instigated at The Carphone Warehouse. I recommend her to anyone without hesitation.”

— Anne Wood, Head of Knowledge Management, The Carphone Warehouse, was with another company when working with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Natalie’s one of leaders in her space. Clients trust her to deliver, appreciate her passion and dedication to their success, and always ask for her by name. While at Forrester, I was always impressed by her desire to do the right thing for the client. Natalie’s a team player. She’s got a great grounding on customer experience. More importantly, she’s someone I’d be excited to work with again. Ray”

— R “Ray” Wang, Vice President, Forrester Research, Inc., managed Dr. Natalie indirectly at Forrester Research

“Natalie and I worked at Forrester together for a period. I found her incredibly driven and very passionate about the ways in which social media was affecting business processes and operations. She was a true visionary who saw these changes before others, and as a consultant Natalie was able to help businesses embrace appropriate strategies. I found Natalie to be a very collaborative and caring peer.”

— Augie Ray, Sr. Analyst – Social Computing, Forrester Research, worked with Dr. Natalie at Forrester Research

“Dr. Natalie brought some interesting thought leadership to our consulting practice. She was doing research and pulling best practices from academia that we applied to client CRM solutions, increasing the value of our offering and bringing a higher level of service to our clients.”

— Gary Truesdale, Director, Hitachi Consulting, worked with Dr. Natalie at Hitachi Consulting

“Dr. Natalie played a key leadership role in our North America Customer Relationship Management practice. Dr. Natalie was core to our thought leadership, growth in service offerings and on-going executive development. Her professionalism, insights and team contributions push us all to be a better organization. She was instrumental in helping us improve the insights we delivered to our clients and pushed us to think about what we did for clients in a new light. I would highly recommend Dr. Natalie as part of an organization looking to grow strategically and professionally.”

— Mark Concannon, Senior Manager, Hitachi Consulting, worked directly with Dr. Natalie at Hitachi Consulting

“I had the opportunity to work with Natalie while jointly presenting a paper at a CRM conference. I enjoyed the experience greatly since she is an engaging presenter, and she is able to zoom in from the big picture to operational details while still staying on-topic. She also provided me with useful advice on how to improve my own presentational technique, and was in general a congenial, high-energy colleague. I enjoyed collaborating with her and would gladly do so again.”

— Alex Barnes, Director, Specialized Services, Hitachi Consulting, worked indirectly for Dr. Natalie at Hitachi Consulting

“I worked with Dr. Nat on the development of several articles while we worked together at Hitachi Consulting and I found that she offered fresh thinking and an inate ability to create a compelling story and telling it in ways that are consumable to outside readers. While her deep expertise is related to solutions aimed at customers and channels; she is also well versed in understanding and managing of the impact of change to organizations and individuals.”

— Susan Anderson, Sr. Manager, Hitachi Consulting, worked with Dr. Natalie at Hitachi Consulting

“Natalie is a true Thought Leader who also knows her way around a marketing organization. Very capable thinker and delivers results.”

— Brian Bourque, Industry Marketing Senior Manager, Hitachi Consulting, worked directly with Dr. Natalie at Hitachi Consulting

“Now that Dr. Natalie has left Forrester I can sing her praises without looking like a kiss-up. 🙂 She is an expert in Social CRM and most other types of CRM and has the ability to cut through vendor smoke screens, get to the salient points, and deliver on her promise of providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction to her clients. Dr. Petouhoff’s vision and trailblazing acted as an impetus to raise the bar on Social Media to where it is today. Any company that requires guidance on Social Media strategy should engage Natalie.”

— Charlie Isaacs, was Dr. Natalie’s client

“Dr. Natalie is a wonderful leader and has really re-vitalized the presence of Social Media Club – Los Angeles. Her disciplined approach to managing our team is evident in the structure and leadership she’s provided. Leading by example, she’s implemented several practices that have increased our productivity dramatically. Instead of having events every 2 or 5 or 6 months, we’ve been on-schedule with an SMCLA event each month since Dr. Natalie has come on board.

As a speaker, I’ve also learned volumes about social business and social media metrics/analytics from her various speaking engagements, both with online webinars as well as in-person seminars and conferences. Dr. Natalie presents clear and concise real-life examples that tell stories of social media in action and how measurement can help increase profit.”

Garick Chan, Community Builder at Nimble, Independent Career-Advisor, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.













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