Tealium Announces Data Connectors to Major Marketing Clouds: Oracle Responsys, Silverpop and StrongView

Tealium is currently known as a market leader in enterprise tag management and solutions. Today Tealium announced new data connectors that allow enterprises to integrate rich audience profile data into leading marketing clouds, including Oracle ResponsysSilverpop (recently acquired by IBM) and StrongView. Tealium also announced today an email integration with the Salesforce ExactTargetMarketing Cloud.

My POV: What seems most significant about this that most Marketers probably have a number of different types of marketing applications, from different vendors. Often one vendor does not provide all the capabilities that a brand would want, so they end up having to buy several different vendors. Before this Tealium’s connector, it was more difficult to be able to integrate audience profile data into ALL of the separate applications. The connector now makes it possible to connect all the best in breed software solutions and maximize the value of their marketing cloud investments and launch more profitable and relevant remarketing campaigns.

AudienceStream is a complementary service for Tealium iQ, the company’s market-leading tag management solution, which provides a foundational data layer to sync all cloud-based marketing applications and make them more actionable.

How does this work? Tealium provides a foundation platform that enables enterprises to build their own marketing cloud, and with Tealium they can enable these best-of-breed point solutions to share data for the first time to drive more personalized and impactful marketing campaigns across channels. The new email connectors, which are built into Tealium AudienceStream, the company’s award-winning audience segmentation and action engine, provide for deeper integration with leading marketing cloud vendors, including the ability to trigger real-time marketing interactions based on cross-channel behavior and visitor personas.

Here’s Some Highlights:

  • The new connectors are part of an action-focused integration marketplace within AudienceStream that includes email, CRM and retargeting vendors. Tealium will soon be announcing additional integrations with key vendors spanning content management, site optimization, and more.
  • With AudienceStream, marketers can create on-the-fly segments around their most actionable triggers and events, and then distribute that information to email vendors in real time via the connectors. This enables users to set up timely email interactions based on any combination of visitor behavior or achievement, such as cart abandonment, product interest, lifetime value and much more.
  • Combined with AudienceStream, the new connectors enable marketers to bring fragmented data together in real-time, as opposed to the 24-48 hour delay that most marketers face due to traditional, resource-heavy data integration approaches. This empowers marketers to drive immediate action and superior results.

Wondering What Customers Are Saying About Using the Tealium Connectors?

Ancestry.com: “With StrongView and AudienceStream, we can target and take action on our visitors within seconds, across channels, instead of having to chug through terabytes of data via traditional data processing methods,” said Jer Tippets, analytics implementation specialist at www.Ancestry.com. “This is a powerful technology integration that will help us better engage our customers, and ultimately drive more subscriptions and revenue.”

Wondering What Vendors Are Saying About Using the Tealium Connectors?

Silverpop: Our customers want to deepen brand loyalty, deliver more meaningful experiences, and take action in real time,” said Will Schnabel, senior vice president of business development for Silverpop. “Timely insight into customer behavior is the key to successful re-marketing campaigns. By joining forces with Tealium we ensure that our customers are receiving rich, real-time, cross-channel customer data that that can be used to trigger high-value marketing interactions.”

StrongView:Contextual marketing is the bold new frontier for email marketing, but it does require marketers to find a better way to understand and leverage cross-channel interaction data in real-time,” said Shawn Myers, vice president of marketing at StrongView.Empowering marketers with the rich customer data available through Tealium is just another way StrongView is helping marketers understand customer context and embrace its vision of Present Tense Marketing.”


Tealium: Ali Behnam, president and co-founder at Tealium said, “The release of these integrations is a milestone in Tealium’s mission to provide enterprise customers with the ability to unify all of their marketing efforts, and maximize the value of their marketing investments.  Tealium is helping marketers to close the ‘action gap’ by providing them a platform to send the right message to the right person at the right time. We are proud to partner with these leading email marketing vendors in the space.”

If you want to follow more about what Tealium is doing, you can check out their social communities:

If You Want Some Basic Details About Tealium, Here You Go:
Tealium helps savvy brands bring order to marketing chaos and engage customers in innovative ways. Using Tealium as the foundation for their digital marketing operations, smart marketers can fuel real-time unified marketing initiatives and drive more profitable customer interactions across all digital touch points. Tealium is the recognized leader in enterprise tag management, and was recently named one of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in America for 2014. Each quarter, Tealium serves 1.2 trillion tags on behalf of its global clients, representing an estimated $75B in annual online transactions. For more information, please visit http://www.tealium.com.

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Tealium Announces Record First Quarter Results and $20 Million in Additional Growth Financing 

Are the cloud wars over? Many companies are or have choosen a marketing stack. The issue can be that whatever capabilities that marketing stack has, the CMO is stuck with. And it may be that the stack has every thing they need, but maybe it doesn’t. That may mean that a marketer ends up choosing a number of different solutions, which generally don’t talk to each other or update the customer profile. That could be a competitive disadvantage.

But what if those various marketing solutions could talk to each other and be informed by data from other systems? It could mean that those solutions could actually be more valuable. And this is the topic at hand and is on the real-time futurescape of Tealium®, the market leader in enterprise tag management and solutions who announced not only record first quarter results, but also an additional $20 million in growth financing led by Silver Lake Waterman. The funding will be used to accelerate global expansion across all business segments, including engineering, sales, customer service and marketing.

Jeff Lunsford, Tealium CEO said, “An estimated $1.5 trillion is spent annually on global marketing and communications and approximately $130 billion of this is spent on marketing technology. The rapid adoption of Tealium’s award-winning solutions can help enterprises get much higher returns from their marketing investments.” Why? It doesn’t matter which marketing clouds or point solutions companies are using, Tealium creates a data foundation that allows the marketers to control, own and act on their data stream. But wait, there’s more… The part that really caught my eye is the ability to make those applications work better together to help drive more profitable, real-time customer interactions across all digital channels.

In the age of collaboration (personal / company) for which my colleague Alan Lepofsky at Constelation is known for, the idea that software vendors could really live in an ecosystem that makes them individually and also separately more successful seems like where the future should take us. However, the competitive nature of the vendor scape has made the idea of collaboration where the individual and the collective become more valuable is not always the first thing on everyone’s mind.

My point of view is that every software solution has some sort of historical technological footprint – meaning that they started out doing one thing really well. And then as customers requested more features and functionality or engineers / developers saw new opportunities to expand the product, they added more capabilities. And as time goes by those point solutions grow into suites – either by developing their own features and functions, but also often by acquiring companies.

Now let’s look at the model of collaboration Tealium is proposing as future picture of how software vendors can become more successful. Providing software vendor collaboration to make the parts and the whole more successful is a different way to look at expanding the features, functions and capabilities as well as benefits of any one “point solution” or “software package suite.” Perhaps I grew up idealistically hoping that the world would see that when each of us wins, we all win. That was the point in the movie, A Beautiful Mind. But it’s not really how many CEOs think – yet. Perhaps this type of thinking, and the ability to execute on it, will create that shift.

Tealium’s $20 million in growth financing, led by Silver Lake Waterman, brings the total the company has raised since January 2012 to $47.5 million, with Battery Ventures and Tenaya Capital leading earlier financings. Shawn O’Neill, Managing Director and Co-Head of Silver Lake Waterman said, “We are pleased to be supporting Tealium’s global expansion efforts. Enterprises will continue to invest heavily in technologies that improve their customers’ experiences across all digital touch points, and we see Tealium as the market leader in the space.” What I like about what O’Neill said was that we may now be able to transform that customer experience. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart; as a customer advocate I’ve been writing about this topic for a good 20 years. It seems now the technology is starting to catch up with the ideals we in the customer service and customer experience world have been writing about. And do it at scale.  More to come soon. 

Tealium®'s Enterprise Tag Management Capabilities

Tealium®’s Enterprise Tag Management Capabilities

If you want to catch Tealium’s social media conversations, you can find them here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tealium

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tealium

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tealium

And here’s Tealium’s Q1 operating highlights, in case you don’t know much about them:

·   120% revenue growth, buoyed by strong global demand for its market-leading solutions.

·   100% growth in enterprise customers worldwide, with select new customer wins and expanded strategic relationships, including Calendars.com, Carhartt, Kabbage, Kimberly-Clark, Mason Companies, Solstice Sunglasses, Wet Seal, Wine.com, the world’s largest toy retailer, and one of the industry’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers.

·  Tealium continued its strong growth in e-commerce and now has 68 clients listed in the prestigious Internet RetailerTop 500.

·  120% revenue renewal rate during the first quarter, resulting from a total commitment to customer success and the industry’s most comprehensive training and education program.

· Management team expansion, adding technology veterans Tracy Hansen, formerly of CA Technologies and NetApp, as CMO, and Doug Lindroth, previously with Limelight Networks and Memec, as CFO.

·  Tealium AudienceStream, the company’s new audience segmentation and data distribution solution, was namedNew Technology of the Year by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) as part of its Awards for Excellence Program in March.

·  Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Most Promising Companies for 2014.

·   Tealium’s global user conference, Digital Velocity, drawing hundreds of customers, strategic partners and digital marketing thought leaders from around the globe. Customer speakers included Ancestry.com, Lenovo, Lincoln Financial Group, Citrix and many more. The event concluded with Tealium University, a formalized training program for tag management and real-time unified marketing initiatives.

I’m very curious to see how this all pans out. Will vendors see the value in using a vendor like Tealium to make their software better and create better customer experiences? Or will they go into hoarding mode and be short sited?

About Silver Lake Waterman

Silver Lake Waterman is part of Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing with over $23 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital and a team of approximately 110 investment and value creation professionals located around the world.  Silver Lake Waterman focuses on providing growth capital, via its FLEX Capital product, to later-stage growth companies in the technology and technology-enabled industries. FLEX Capital is a proprietary, hybrid instrument created by Silver Lake to provide a flexible solution for companies in the technology industry ecosystem seeking to finance expansion.  For more information about Silver Lake Waterman and Silver Lake, please visit www.silverlake.com.

About Tealium

Tealium helps savvy brands bring order to marketing chaos and engage customers in innovative ways. Using Tealium as the foundation for their digital marketing operations, smart marketers can fuel real-time unified marketing initiatives and drive more profitable customer interactions across all digital touch points. Tealium is the recognized leader in enterprise tag management, and was recently named one of Forbes‘ Most Promising Companies in America for 2014. Each quarter, Tealium serves 1.2 trillion tags on behalf of its global clients, representing an estimated $75 billion in annual online transactions. For more information, please visit http://www.tealium.com.

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