Microsoft #Env16: Dartmouth Hitchcock-Using Technology to Help People Stay Healthier

Despite spending nearly one-fifth of GDP on healthcare, the U.S. struggles to meet its goal of creating high-quality care for all. With financial pressures on care providers increasing, the current system is simply not sustainable. Imagine Care, a cloud-based solution built on Cortana analytics and Microsoft Dynamics, is helping healthcare providers ensure patients get better care. The aim is to provide a healthcare plan that’s unique to each patient. Imagine Care can monitor people from their homes, where data is collected and sent to the cloud and a 24/7 contact center where registered nurses can monitor status and spot potentially dangerous trends. The aspiration? Improve health and help avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room while providing personalized care, and ultimately, reducing costs.

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#Env16 Microsoft: Empowering People Sight Loss to Experience City Life

What is Microsoft up to now? Empowering people with sight loss the opportunity to experience city life.

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Everyone has a right to independence, but not everyone has the capacity. Cities Unlocked aims to set people with sight loss free to experience city life like never before. The pilot program is a unique collaboration between Microsoft, the U.K. charity Guide Dogs, and urban innovator Future Cities Catapult as well as other partners from business and academia. Even local travel is difficult and daunting with vision loss, which could be part of why of the two million people in the U.K. who have registered their visual impairment, 180,000 rarely if ever go outside, according to Guide Dogs. In the U.S., about 65 percent of people with vision loss are unemployed.

The partners worked together to create a prototype headset and mobile app that works with Bluetooth beacons placed along a given route to provide audio turn-by-turn directions, nearby points of interest (“Chiropractor, about 10 meters”), transportation updates (“No. 9 bus is approaching”) and even polite warnings (“Be aware: This is a main road”).

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