OMMA KeyNote: How Marketers Can Measure Engagement & Choose Smart Ad Buys

This keynote is about how social media is driving the big data explosion and how marketers can measure engagement by using interest graph platforms that provide key insights into things like:

1. Knowing the best form of content to create – pictures, videos, status updates, links, etc…
2. Knowing where their engagement stacks up compared to their competitors
3. Knowing what channel to post on
4. Knowing when to promote the content so it’s seen
5. Knowing what fans to engage with
6. Creating a lot of the right type of content
7. Saving money on content creation by curating highly trending content
8. Creating an editorial calendar for posting/ re-posting content
9. Making smart choices on ad buys & marketing partnerships…. because you know which fans your brand has in common with affinity brands and by knowing that your can choose the best brands for ads… because you know your fans will click on the ads and you’ll get higher CPM and CPC results…

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E-Book: What’s Engagement? How Data Driven Marketers Are Crushing Content Marketing


“What’s Engagement?” A thought provoking question marketers should ask themselves that not only instigates but also produces varied but comprehensive answers, perspectives, and insights regarding today’s best tactics of social media engagement. Here, through our free eBook of “What’s Engagement”, you will learn how to skillfully meld your company with today’s social media to best connect with your audience. But, even more importantly, HOW do the brands effectively create, introduce, and advertise content that is both engaging and sustainable to their target audience? This question is thoroughly answered within this free eBook authored by Chase McMichael, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Brian Carter, and over 30 notable marketing contributors.

Get all the information you need on how to effectively utilize your social media engagement and content marketing from the free “What’s Engagement” eBook today!

What’s Engagement, more specifically, will give the most adequate tactics to:

1. Effectively utilize and prioritize your Mixed Media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. See what media sites are being the most used and are the most effective to garner more attention for your company.

2. Understand the importance of catering your company’s image to your target audience, adapt to consumer needs through social media to gain valuable customer opportunities.

3. Emphasize the sustainable Storydoing Method to enforce narrative rather than solely through short-lived and baited communication (storytelling) with the product or service. This will create a more proactive community and loyalty through the customers that can be further expanded using social media. It will further positively impact other standard marketing goals such as annual revenue, budget savings, growth rate and shareholders’ views.

4. Maximize the competitive advantages that Real-Time Marketing provides in comparison to the static-editorial calendar method by actively engaging with your audience.

5. Become a Leader within your industry by instigating and kickstarting conversation.

6. Obtain the insights and valued advice from top marketing leaders of all different backgrounds for the most compelling social media engagement.

And why is all this knowledge and insight valuable to you?

Social media engagement, as demonstrated through the image above, has become increasingly relevant and important within the field of today’s content marketing as an extremely invaluable tool to utilize. This has only been perpetuated from Google as they have launched moves to evolve a higher quality of content their audience receives. From the image on the right, one can see that SEO and content engineering have essentially swapped roles in importance as the impact of the social feed in today’s media has forced companies to become more attentive to the quality of material they are putting forth.

Ultimately, “We know that quantity of the content does not matter and, instead, the type and quality of the content.” Look below for a evident example of this idea.
Here, we found from our numerous responses, that Facebook Shares is the most effective method to reaching out for an audience showing the importance that content carries.

You can find more information on this interesting aspect in our What’s Engagement eBook by simply clicking here.

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Here’s My book on How Businesses can Drive Sales on Facebook: Like My Stuff: How To Monetize Your Facebook Fans

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The Social Engagement Rankings of the Top 15 Cosmetic Brands: Secret #1: Winning Brands Dynamically Engage

cosmeticHistorically brands were managed via brand guidelines that specified font, colors, icons, visual imagery, logos, and design—all of which were
incorporated in the brand’s vision, mission, positioning and benefits. The brand “toolkit”—before social media— was about creating these emblems to represent the “expression” of a brand.The emblems were the means for the brand to communicate to the “audience.” Done well, those brand emblems or assets created the experience of— and the perception of the brand.

The brand’s identity—and thus brand equity— was then expressed through:

• Promises & Guarantees
• Position & Ideology
• Logos & Icons
• Tagline & Key Messages

An emphasis in brand building is the idea of evoking an emotional connection between the brands and customers. Before social media the above brand assets were used generate the associated feelings about a brand and defined the relationship and bond with customers.

“Driven by the fundamental shift in control from companies to consumers, the future belongs to those who make emotional connections with them.”

– Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi & Author of Lovemarks Effect

Winning in the Consumer Economy

While the old brand assets obviously still matter, a brand’s ability to compete in the digital and social world requires something additional.

When a brand participates with their customers, those interactions shape customer’s perception of the brand. Transitioning from static logos to interactions requires a brand to create new brand guidelines to incorporate social media. Those guidelines need to detail how the brand organizes it’s communications into interactions and drives engagement with customers.

Engagement means that a brand must become an active participant with it’s customers. Digital brands are not just “things” customers
buy. Today’s customers are seeking an experience, where the audience is the main attraction, not the brand. The brand is no longer the “story”
– the interaction is. The currency?

The authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto said, “Markets are conversations.”

The social web is essentially a storytelling medium. To effectively engage customers, a brand needs to develop a brand persona and the
ability to uniquely tell its story. Part of telling that story is also creating compelling content.

How Branding Building & Marketing Changed With Social Media

“With more and more consumers committed to spending their money before they set foot inside a store, the challenge is: How can you get them to commit to spending on your product or service? The answer is you’ve got to make an emotional connection with your consumers.”

-Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst, NPD

Today, brand perception is shaped by the conversation between the brand and the customer, where the customers’ motivation is to make an emotional connection with the brand. It’s imperative to understand the difference between “awareness” and being “loved” by customers. To be a “Loved“ brand requires the brand correspond with customers in a genuine, authentic and real persona. Out with stale, stiff, rigid one- way brand communications. In with social, deeply personal , novel two-way dialogues.

Thus, Digital Cosmetic Brands are activities and social experiences requiring a brand to define their behavior strategy. Some of those interaction behaviors include being:

• Transparent, of service, entertaining

• Providing utility, rewards & unique, exclusive experiences.

What might get in the way of delivering social experiences?

Stayed tuned for Secret #2! And if you want to download the whole ebook on the Top 15 Most Engaged Cosmetic Brands:  click here

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We work with brands & software companies to deliver increased revenue and decreased costs.
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Want to see how to get an ROI from Social Media? Check out these fun videos:
Video 1: Building the Business Case for Social Media
Video 2: How to Measure the ROI of Social Media
Video 3: How Social Media Benefits the Whole Company

Here’s My book on How Businesses can Drive Sales on Facebook: Like My Stuff: How To Monetize Your Facebook Fans

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Keynote Speech at the AMA Presentation = Using Big Data to Drive Marketing ROI

As the Keynote speaker this morning at the MN AMA conference, I presented a case study of the top 15 cosmetic brands and the insights that can be gathered using big data analysis…Brands and agencies need to figure out how to tame B.I.G. Data to:

THERE’S A NEW WAVE OF BRAND BUILDING. Logos are static. They don’t talk. They don’t have conversations. They don’t engage. Brands…NOW must become Social EXPERIENCES because Marketers are in the business of making connections and two-way conversations. Which means you have to figure out how to make your brand A Digital EXPERIENCE. Engagement
is essentially people sharing content– where content is: status updates, links, photos, videos, etc…

All that sharing is what’s causing the BIG DATA Explosion!!!So With >3.5B pieces of content Shared / Week, how can marketers make sense of all this B.I.G. DATA. There is VALUE in SOCIAL & DIGITAL INTERACTIONS… Many people have turned to keyword-based social media monitoring and listening to know what their customers are saying And that’s necessary and good to do but…. marketers need to know what drives engagement. Engagement determines business success by increasing:

  • Positive sentiment
  • Share of voice
  • Awareness, interest, consideration, intent
  • Lead conversions rates & sales
  • Loyalty, advocacy & referrals

WHAT’S SHIFTING THE NEED FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ROI? We’re in the “third wave” of social media. The first two phases were driven by the: 1.  Innovators 2. Early Adopters. They don’t need a business case to adopt something NEW. But the early majority are pragmatists… They are driving the questions about social media ROI.  They want proof before they’ll get on board for larger social media budgets. SOLUTION: measure engagement know for sure if The Content is driving marketing $uccess. To measure & compare engagement requires something new. That’s where interest graph data comes into play. Based on customer’s collective:

• Actions
• Interests
• Needs
• Wants
• Dreams
• Behaviors….

That’s how you gain am emotional connection. The challenges and the truth is… Most brands didn’t realize they were going to become content creators and publishers. They don’t have the budget to create enough great content to be effective at engaging their customers. And the cost to promote content – can be prohibitive. Top companies are wondering how to take their social media initiatives to the next level…

  • Do more of the right things
  • Put structure around what is unstructured
  • Benchmark “As Is”
  • Create a strategy and plan
  • Track the progress
  • Gather the right metrics
  • Create and sustain world-class social media brand.

Social Media Assessments place you and your brand in a leadership position…

•Clear answers and strong guidance
•A distinctive voice
•A competitive advantage.

here’s the presentation:

Using Big Data To Make Better Marketing Decisions & Get to ROI

Here’s my Newest Report…. With Answers & How To…If you would like the actual report: here’s where to get it





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The TOP 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter: A Study by @DrNatalie & Big Data Cruncher

Wondering what brands are the most engaged on Twitter? We wondered too. This New York Times article explores engagement and Twitter.

I also wondered what drives engagement on Twitter and I began my own study by looking at the top 100 brands who had the most Twitter followers. Then using the platform, we added those brands into platform which did the big data crunching. InfiniGraph is different than social media monitoring. It is a interest graph platform.

Mashable has a ton of articles on how social networks like Twitter are trying new things to increase engagement. Here’s a recap article about the study and the actual engagement of the brands we evaluated on Forbes by Mark Fidelman.

Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

Get Your Copy Today!

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There’s certainly lots of definitions of engagement. Here’s a great article by Jay Baer who interviewed David Armano on how brands need to create a iterative strategy around engagement- micro-interactions & incremental customer experience victories. The LA Times has many articles on how brands are using social media and networking. Jon Swartz writes about the abundance of platforms for customers to engage on, hinting that perhaps more is not the answer. Maybe really understanding what engagement means is a beginning. In this case, the InfiniGraph Engagement Platform looked at Twitter engagement as measured by RT’s, clicks and @ replies.

Study of the 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter was written about on Mashable and it provides a very nice overview of the study’s results.  The details and the results of the study are in this report found here:

Graph of the Brands with the Highest Engagement @DrNatalie

Here’s the of the top 25 most engaged brands on Twitter:

1.  Notebook of Love2. Disneywords3. ESPN4. Funny Facts5. PlayStation6. Disney7. Chelsea Football Club8. BBC Breaking News9. NASA10. CNN Breaking News11.  Instagram12.  YouTube13. Facebook14. NBA15. Arsenal16. The Onion17. Disney Pixar18. FunnyorDie.com19. CNN20. National Geographic21. UNICEF22. Dropbox23. MTV24. WWE25. Chanel

Here’s more details on how the study was conducted:

1. We looked at the brands with the most Twitter followers and created a list of 100 of the most followed brands for the month of February 2013

2. We used to crunch all the “BIG” Data in this report

3. See the Engagement Analysis and Platform powered by InfiniGraph

4. The 100 brands with the most followers were put into the InfiniGraph Platform for the time period of 02/2013 to 03/2013

5. The InfiniGraph Platform took the information about each brand and gathered the data you see in this report:

      • The volume of posts

      • The level of engagement

      • The content that is shared by each brand

      • What days / times during the day it is shared and

      • Compares and ranks it

6. Then the InfiniGraph system creates the graphs you see in this report.

If you are wondering how your brand’s engagement compares to your competitors, you can find out by following these steps:

  • Search on your own brand at:

  • Or click on the industry analysis on the right

  • If your brand is not in the system, request that it’s added

  • Then select the brands you want to compare to your brand and run the report in InfiniGraph

  • Study the results of the comparison

  • Compare how much you post vs the level of engagement

  • Study the other brand’s engagement capabilities and tactics

  • And make changes to your strategy and tactics

The study I did was commission by Nestivity and Evolve Capital. And in full disclosure, I work with InfiniGraph and I am proud to be on InfiniGraph’s Advisory Board.


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Webinar: How To Increase Your Social Media Enagement and ROI

Did you know 84-97% of your fans aren’t seeing your Facebook posts? Yep, that’s due to EdgeRank. Facebook admits that the average page only reaches 16-17% of its fans. And data from PageLever shows that pages with millions of fans reach as few as 3% of their fans- that is especially true for large brands who typically have large budgets for social media and Facebook.

If you are interested in not wasting money your Facebook as well as your Twitter interactions — either the budget you are spending on content, the salaries of your community managers, etc… then you need a way to understand what your engagement on social networks is, especially compared to your competitors. New specific vertical industry reports provide exactly that type of data.

The industry reports provide a comparison of the top 10 brands within a vertical market. The reports look at the comparative engagement on Facebook and Twitter. What brands learn is who has the highest engagement on Facebook and Twitter. It looks at what type of content has the highest interactions per channel. In addition, the report looks at what days do customers interact more with the various types of content.

The value to clients is that they get a good view of what where they stand compared to their customers, what type of content they should be focusing on and when to publish / republish the content to get the largest engagement. It allows companies to gain higher engagement scores and beat the fact that the marketing funnel is essentially collapsed because few people see the brand’s content.

This webinar will help you avoid wasting millions of dollars spent on social media. We’ll cover:

* How what you don’t know about Facebook engagement can kill your brand’s engagement performance
* How some companies are wasting millions of dollars on content marketing. Is that you?
* How some brand’s are using vertical Industry Reports to compare their engagement to competitors & transform their engagement and content strategy.

Sign up:

You’ll hear from Jason Cormier from Room214, myself and Brian Carter from InfiniGraph

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Social Media ROI YouTube Videos:
Video 1: Building the Business Case for Social Media
Video 2: How to Measure the ROI of Social Media

Video 3: How Social Media Benefits the Whole Company

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