Take Action with Marketing… Guest Post by Paige Musto


Join the #MktgActionChat moderated by Business Strategist & Consultant, Dr. Natalie- @DrNatalie. This is a monthly chat dedicated to bringing together progressive marketers looking to gain insight, get advice and discuss next-generation marketing and social concepts that help drive business revenue.

There you will be able to connect with thought leaders, and network with the movers and shakers helping to redefine marketing as we know it. Share your thoughts on where the marketing world is heading.

This space [#MktgActionChat] is for discussing trends, sharing the latest news and best practices, and kicking around thoughts and ideas with today’s marketers and business decision makers.

The first #MktgActionChat kicks off on Tuesday, April 30th at 6:00 p.m. PT, and will reoccur on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. PT.

In the first TweetChat, @DrNatalie will discuss “How Smart Companies Can Leverage Agile Marketing to Better Brand their Business.”

Think of agile marketing as “right in time” marketing, which has evolved as a way to stay up-to pace with the new speed of business. Today, there is a new business norm, in which companies are expected to engage and respond to customer/prospect inquiries more readily and quicker than traditional response times.

The heightened transparency that social has created has forced companies to think of customer feedback in real-time. This transparency can be a double edged sword for those companies who have yet to implement a true social response strategy to inquiries. Those engaging on social platforms want immediate feedback and if it takes your company hours to reply, that can be perceived as unresponsive and not listening. On the flipside though, transparency can be a positive thing for companies as they can easily take advantage of topics, trends and events that are receiving heavy attention and impressions, and interject their brand into the conversation at the right time.

We want to hear your thoughts on this topic. Add your voice to the conversation, use #MktgActionChat.




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