Speaking Testimonials

“Dr. Natalie is an extremely insightful, enthusiastic and articulate thought leader providing detailed content focused on providing value and actionable recommendations to readers. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Chris Bechtel, President and CEO at iPressroom, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff on various professional collaborations. Dr. Natalie is a dedicated researcher who enjoys the pursuit of truth and fact. She is a skilled speaker, and can captivate an audience with her insightful conclusions and calculations. She is positive, upbeat, professional, and relentless in her mission to share her knowledge with others. I hope to continue to work with Natalie for many years to come!”

— Jennifer Tyler,  System Engineer on contract NOAA Coastal Services Center (The Baldwin Group Inc.), attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie was perhaps the first – and certainly the most enthusiastic – advocate for the use of social media in customer service. Now, she seems rather prescient, and that is possibly thanks to her advocacy for the idea – she helped connect the dots for a lot of business decision makers in order to jump-start socially-enabled service. She has a rare ability to communicate complex technology and business issues in a way that is approachable and understandable.”

— Chris Bucholtz,  Editor-in-Chief, CRM Outsiders at SugarCRM, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“I’ve been learning from Natalie Petouhoff since she was a Forrester analyst, turning incredibly complex business models into clear and actionable insights. I then saw her shine on the Agency level, watching and learning as she helped Weber Shandwick become PR agency of the year. This past year, I’ve been delighted to learn from her as a friend. Her understand of social customer service is at the highest level. Dr. Petouhoff is a consumate professional: Knowledgeable, gracious, kind, helpful and dedicated. I recommend her thoroughly and whole-heartedly.”

— Tristan Bishop, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy at Symantec, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“You were PHENOMENAL today! Best speaker we’ve had by far. :)”

— Justin Williams, Owner at sketchbookLA, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie is one of those very rare individuals who extremely knowledgeable in technology, marketing, social media, PR and television. She has an extraordinary talent of communicating complex products and concepts and making them accessible to everyone. Whether hiring her in a the capacity of professor, consultant, analyst or television commentator, she will do an excellent job!!!”

— Christine Adzich, Senior Account Executive at Gartner, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“I have known Dr. Natalie over the years while working in the consumer affairs arena. She is organized, thoughtful, efficient, and extremely competent in working with all the people she meets, regardless of age or place in the business world. I strongly recommend my dear friend, Dr. Natalie.”

— Sam DiLiberto, Vice President, Contact Solutions at American Customer Care, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie is passionate about ROI. Very few people that I’ve met have been able to draw on their creativity like she has to present the essence of social media ROI like she has. A treasure trove of ideas with a heart of gold.”

— David Alston, CMO at Radian6, a salesforce.com company, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

“Dr. Natalie is a wonderful leader and has really re-vitalized the presence of Social Media Club – Los Angeles. Her disciplined approach to managing our team is evident in the structure and leadership she’s provided. Leading by example, she’s implemented several practices that have increased our productivity dramatically. Instead of having events every 2 or 5 or 6 months, we’ve been on-schedule with an SMCLA event each month since Dr. Natalie has come on board.

As a speaker, I’ve also learned volumes about social business and social media metrics/analytics from her various speaking engagements, both with online webinars as well as in-person seminars and conferences. Dr. Natalie presents clear and concise real-life examples that tell stories of social media in action and how measurement can help increase profit.”

Garick Chan, Community Builder at Nimble, Independent Career-Advisor, attended a conference of Dr. Natalie at USC.

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