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“Social Media and Big Data: a match made in heaven?”

September 19, 2013

Join the NYC Tri-State TDWI Chapter on September 19th to find out. Register here.

As social media has moved from marginal to mainstream, what are the behind-the-scenes implications, prerequisites and constraints imposed by this new social media world order? What are the opportunities and challenges for data warehousing, IT and business innovation? How do they – or do they - all need to change to accommodate new market circumstances?

Our keynote speaker for September 19th, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, renowned author, lecturer, teacher and social media evangelist, will explore the business impact of social media from a holistic approach. New and emerging data streams are both a stress and an opportunity for the IT department: a stress, in having to meet the challenge of understanding the market and adapting with new tools, systems, procedures and integration requirements. But also an indisputable opportunity for the IT, data collection and warehousing departments to raise their profile. They are now empowered to deliver new insights, answering questions that were ignored previously and working in partnership with sales and marketing as never before.

In this forum, we will address the following questions:
• How can back office operations, IT and data collection work more effectively with the front office to achieve business objectives?
• How do you effectively integrate social media with the back office?
• How do increasing needs for speed of information processing and connectivity on the back end relate to engagement and branding on the front end?
• What are the metrics and KPIs that matter?
• Call centers: are they a new research tool? What is their role in providing business insights?
• On what new analytical methods do we need to focus for best practices?
• To what extent has social media influenced social or collaborative business?

Keynote Speaker Bio:

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, CEO, Social Business Builders: The Results Group, Ph.D., Engineering, Social Media Measurement and ROI Best Practices Expert, former Forrester Analyst, Adjunct Professor at the Anderson School at UCLA, is also a noted author, speaker and management consultant.

Dr. Natalie has management consulting as well as organizational change management experience. As a Forrester Analyst, she wrote the world's first social media ROI model for PR, marketing and customer service. She's guided CRM, Customer Service, Marketing, PR and Social Media professionals and C-level executives to develop customer-facing business strategies that drive revenue and increase margins.

The seminar is open to all business, analytics and information technology managers, with an interest in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Healthcare. There is no fee to attend our program, although pre-registration is required. Visit the <> or the <> page to register.


• Information Technology Managers, Business Analysts and Data Professionals interested in Business Transformation and Software
• Call Center Managers, Data Collection and Data Warehouse Professionals Challenged by Big Data Collection, Analysis and Social Media
• Marketing Executives BI/DW professionals with an interest in Social Media and ROI Measurement

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