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This keynote is about how social media is driving the big data explosion and how marketers can measure engagement by using interest graph platforms that provide key insights into things like:

1. Knowing the best form of content to create – pictures, videos, status updates, links, etc…
2. Knowing where their engagement stacks up compared to their competitors
3. Knowing what channel to post on
4. Knowing when to promote the content so it’s seen
5. Knowing what fans to engage with
6. Creating a lot of the right type of content
7. Saving money on content creation by curating highly trending content
8. Creating an editorial calendar for posting/ re-posting content
9. Making smart choices on ad buys & marketing partnerships…. because you know which fans your brand has in common with affinity brands and by knowing that your can choose the best brands for ads… because you know your fans will click on the ads and you’ll get higher CPM and CPC results…

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