Forbes Columnist, Mark Fidelman to Cover UCLA Social Business Course

Forbes Columnist, Mark Fidelman to Cover UCLA Social Business Course

Social Media education seems to be really important these days. The course I am teaching at UCLA is designed to help people put social media into a business context. Forbes Social Media and Mobilized Columnist, Mark Fidelman, will be writing about the event and the ROI of social media calculators, videos and resources I’ve created to help my Fortune 500 clients.

I am finding more and more of my clients requesting that I come in and give a intro to social media / social business session– with a follow on into various subjects at a deeper level depending on what business goals they are trying to accomplish.

One of the first courses of its kind at a university, the “Social Business Course” will intersperse lecture content with social business / social media experts like Matt Michelsen (@MCMichelsen) from who does social media for Lady Gaga (@ladygaga), Charles Miller (@ChasMiller) from DIRECTV, Michael Brito (@Britopian) from Edelman (@EdelmanPR ) and include social media software demos so participants walk away with strategy, tactical advice as well as implementation capabilities to accomplish and align business goals and social media goals.

Demos include social business applications from Wendy Lea (@WendySLea), CEO and Jeff Nolan (@JeffNolan) of, Johnny Miller of, Varun Krishna and Zao Yang Co-founder of, Jennifer Tyler (@JenHowell4) Of, Janice Rager (@jrag2009) and Michele McConomy (@michelemcconomy) of, etc…

In the two days, we will go through a methodology and framework on how I see a business evaluating whether they are truly ready to be a social business. That’s everything from understanding who they are looking to engage online as well as what content they are generating to fuel the interactions. I’ll also cover the various departments- PR, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Innovation as well as internal collaboration.  We’ll look at measurement, monitoring and how to know if you are actually hitting business goals. And probably the most important is to look at is the organization’s readiness to take on the responsibilities and sensibilities of social media.

At first glance, it social media and social business seem really simple. Many people have said, “Well isn’t it just a matter of having a Twitter and a Facebook page and a blog?” At its deepest fundamentals those are some of the basic building blocks. But to be success at social business means you are aligning your business goals with social media initiatives. In a recent webinar I did for Radian6, we found that many of the questions were about what ARE the business benefits of social media? That was interesting to me. Having been deep in the woods for the last several years on social media measurement, building social media ROI calculators for businesses and for vendor’s social media products, it was interesting to me that people don’t know more about this. So I’ve added it to the course.

If you are interested in any of these topics, I’d love to have you join us! We have a great line-up of guest lecturers who will bring their own expertise to the course.

To register for the class, click here: Social Business Course at UCLA, April 27-28th

It goes from 9AM-4PM Friday and 9AM-4PM Saturday.

We did a Saturday session so that people were not going to miss so much work.

WHO: This course is for executives and professionals who want to go beyond the basics and learn how to apply social media to get concrete business results.

HOW: Using case studies and real-world examples, we explore how social media affects each functional department (PR, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Development, etc…) and ways to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each.

If you would like to be considered for a software demo for the course or a speaker in the course, please contact us and put UCLA SOCIAL BUSINESS COURSE Speaker in the subject line.


  • Leave with a social business blueprint and know how to execute with social media applications and software
  • Learn practical tips, techniques, and how to use social media monitoring to levelset where your social media program is
  • Take an assessment to benchmark the “as is” state of your social media initiatives and compare them to “could be” via best practices
  • Learn how to gear your initiatives to higher monetizations of social media investments
  • Create strategies and tactical plans that make sense to traditional organizations (even those not familiar with social media)
  • Learn how to use business cases and ROI to ease the approval process for initiatives and implementation simpler, more efficient, and effective because they are grounded in business fundamentals that maximize the ROI in social media.

WHERE: Westwood, Los Angeles

To register for the class, click here: Social Business Course at UCLA, April 27-28th

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