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Today at John Battelle’s Signal Austin Conference Marissa Mayer, VP Of Consumer Products at Google was being interview by John, when she announced that Google was adding Check-ins, coupons and deals. So if you’ve been checking into places with Google Latitude in Google Maps with an Android, Google wants to help you get a little extra love. Last month they launched check-ins for Latitude, and today they rolled out the first check-in offers at more than 60 great places in Austin, Texas in celebration of SXSW.

As with most location-based apps, when you check in, you can gain status as a “Regular”, “VIP”, or “Guru” depending on how often you’ve checked in. You can now unlock check-in offers as well as increase your status. So, a restaurant or shop can give their Regulars a reason to keep coming back and their Gurus an awesome reward for their loyalty.

For more details on location-based applications and geo-fencing, check out my iCNNreport

Thanks to @JohnBattelle for a great conference today and for the press pass!

Come say hello if you are at SXSW! And let me know if you use the Google Check-in App and how you like it!

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