Exclusive Interview with Esteban Kolsky on Social CRM Analytics

Exclusive Interview with Esteban Kolsky on Social CRM Analytics

In this interview with Esteban, we look the necessity of analytics on social CRM. Pretty much you get what you measure.

Esteban Kolsky, Social CRM Expert

Esteban Kolsky, Social CRM Expert

Esteban told me that his opinion on whether companies will truly become “social” depends upon their ability to collect, analyze and implement social feedback- from both employees and customers.

Most of the feedback in the social cloud is unstructured. So then the question becomes how does a company make sense of this unstructured data cloud?

Esteban gives his thoughts on:

  • Enterprise feedback management – the old way and the new way- via social CRM
  • The need for real-time responses to customer social interactions
  • The differences between monitoring customer feedback interactions and creating actionable insight: sentiment, cost, the affect and the next steps of the company based based on the feedback and comments in the cloud
  • The voice of the customer, customer experience and executive oversight of integrating these into business
  • The business value of adding social customer interaction feedback to your company.

Click to hear Esteban’s thoughts on measuring the value of Social CRM: (the video is ~6 minutes long- so it takes a minute to load… but be patient… its worth the wait…)

Esteban Kolsky on Measuring the Value of Social CRM

You can follow Esteban on twitter: he is at http://www.twitter.com/ekolsky


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