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Brent Leary CRM and Social CRM Expert

Brent Leary CRM and Social CRM Expert

While I as attending Oracle OpenWorld, I had a chance to talk with Brent Leary.

In this interview, Brent shares his thoughts on social CRM, where companies are and where they need to go:

  • How social CRM is lending itself to¬† mobile devices
  • How smart phones have transformed into a business phones/ nearly mini computers
  • How the rise of smart phones is forwarding social CRM
  • The devices he uses, including a Flip Video camera, iPhone, Blackberry, Olympus OS10, a netbook…
  • The hashtag communities on twitter and how they forward in-person meetings: establishing and connecting with people you might never have gotten to know…

Click below to listen to Brent’s insights: (the video is 6 minutes long, so it may take a minute to load):

How Smart Phones Are Driving Social Media Adoption

You can follow Brent on twitter- he is at:


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