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Dr Natalie’s Monthly BrainCandy

MultiGenerational Customer Experience Webinar



Most business serve a broad consumer markets, but they don’t always realize the differences in how to provide service to these various generations—Gen X, Millennials, Boomers, Silent Generation. Research shows a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement won’t work across all generations. If you are not considering this as part of your training and strategy you may be turning off a large portion of your marketplace. Join us to learn how to build a multi-generational customer experience Dec 12, 10 AM PST.

Social Customer Experience 2012 Benchmark Study




With the changing expectations of a ‘Connected Consumer’, customer service as we know it has forever changed. In fact, our benchmarking data finds that 70% of service leaders feel they need training on emerging channels and strategies to perform their roles. The 2012 Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study takes an in-depth look at the trends and opportunities associated with these changes and provides comprehensive analysis of the current customer care landscape.

More than 160 leading organizations, including many high-grossing and Fortune 100 companies, participated in this benchmark study. The majority of the businesses polled have revenues above $1B and employ large-scale customer care operations, some with agent counts numbering in the thousands. The range of topics are:

  • Social Care (Digital CRM)
  • Mobile Customer Care
  • Interactive Customer Care
  • Traditional Customer Care
  • Insourcing and Outsourcing Trends
  • Leadership/staffing and Program Performance

I’ll be providing a strategic and tactical overview of the results and help summarize why it is imperative for brands to understand the critical shift in customer experience as well as how to quickly determine your next steps at the Customer Response Summit 5, Feb. 11–13, 2013 presented by Execs in the Know and 3CSi.

Dynamic, Visually Engaging Social Media ROI

  • Are you a brand? Want to know the ROI of your social media initiative? Want to be able to justify your program and gain more executive buy-in? We boil up your social media initiative results into a simple, dynamically engaging digital dashboard.
  • Are you a software company and want your customers to visualize, within a matter of seconds while on a demo, the business value of your solution and the ROI?  We provide not only an easy to use, online dashboard— it also seamlessly integrates with your CRM and marketing automation systems to track your pipeline and sales.

We are partnering with VisualizeROI to provide the world’s most dynamic, visually engaging ROI capabilities in the industry! Call us if to find out how we can help you visualize your ROI: 310.919.8467

Current ROI Clients:










 Speaking at Business Next Live Conference





I will be speaking at the Business Next in January, 6-8, 2013. Remember the Winklevoss Twins in the movie the Social Network? They will announce their next business venture at the conference. That should be interesting! And whether you are a business owner, in marketing, advertising, PR and IT I’d love to see you at the conference. Wondering if it’s a fit for you? It’s great for people who wants to learn how to rapidly evolve their organization into a high-performance social business. And for people who want to learn from some of the world’s most successful social business luminaries and influencers. And if you are looking for a job, there will be tons of engaging networking.

Business Next Social Conference provides an up-close look at how the leading companies have rapidly transformed from stodgy, command-and-control management styles and models into highly effective, highly adaptive social businesses inside and out. The conference will focus on how to use social media, content and mobile marketing and social analytics to gain exposure and engage with quality customers, grow your business and collaborate with influencers online. Whether you are a small business looking to develop a social media plan, or a corporate marketing leader looking to take your social media strategies to a new level, it’s a conference worth considering!

Speaking at Social Media Strategies Summit




I will be speaking at the Social Media Strategies Summit in February, 5th-7th in Las Vegas. It’s been ranked #2 of the top 5 biggest social media conferences of 2013!  What’s new are the “how-to” workshops and breakout sessions that ensure you leave with a blueprint to incorporate within your organization. You’ll see case studies demonstrating analytically proven successes will be presented by top brands – including presentations from CNN, Coca Cola, Boston Celtics, American Airlines, NCAA, SAP, Redbull, Accenture, USA Swimming, Forbes, Wells Fargo and Cisco. And you will have an opportunity to network with the industry’s path carving professionals throughout the summit workshops, sessions and networking receptions.

UCLA Course on Social Media Business Blueprint:

Getting a Return on Investment



Want to see concrete business results from your social media strategy? This course provides you with a structured approach to social media, regardless of whether you are in PR, marketing, customer service, sales, or product development. You learn how to benchmark the “As Is” state of your social media program and create a plan, justify the plan to upper management, articulate the business case for social media and digital communications programs, track the progress and gather the right metrics, and calculate value and ROI (return on investment) of the program. Intended for executives and professionals that want to go beyond the basics of social media. Join us in Westwood, starting January 28 ,2013  7-10 PM – Want to be a guest lecturer? Let us know!

Talent Acquisition Assessments and Background Check Software









Are you wondering how best to hire the right people for your organization? We have worked with dozens of companies to not only create the talent requirements, but also provide EEOC approved, online assessments that provide a solid look at people’s workstyle –  whether they make good change agents, whether they are leaders, team players, detailed oriented…  It’s never been more important than in today’s market where you need to know if employees have the right temperament for say social media… Wouldn’t you like to know what makes a good candidate for community management or managing customers on Twitter or Facebook? These are the things that businesses need to know but rarely find out before they hire someone. And yes, they are EEOC approved- so its fully legal to do the testing. And what we find is that people LOVE the assessments- they come back with so much information that literally can change their life and the relationships- both work and personal.

We also have the top solution to provide background checks. We’ve found that most of the standard backgrounds checks don’t do companies justice. When we have compared vendors we found that often times things get missed. What you don’t know can hurt your company. Don’t rely on the same old things… We’ll do a comparison run for you to show you the difference!