Reduce Support Costs With A Customer Community: Increase Agent Efficiency (Final Part)

Reduce Support Costs With A Customer Community Increase Agent Efficiency

Community-Based Support Compliments the Contact Center

Community-based, social support doesn’t have to exist in a

bubble—it’s a great way to complement and complete agent-based

support strategies. Let’s say, for example, that your software

product is acting a little buggy when it’s used with a certain

operating system.


A customer can’t figure out what to do, so he

calls in and gets an answer. A couple weeks later, someone else has

the same issue, but they post in the community instead. This might

be a younger or more tech-savvy customer who prefers to reach

support online, or maybe they just did a quick Google search and

were brought to the community that way. The customer who called

support originally sees the post and reports what the phone agent

told them as a response to the community topic.


Now the answer exists in the community as a resource for

everyone in the future who has this problem. They can discover it

through search or by going there directly. Each person who sees

the answer is equal to one fewer call to an agent.

saving time 1

Community as the Canary in the Coal Mine

Until recently, support was strictly reactionary. With the adoption

of community as a key support tool, we’re seeing entire support

organizations evolve from reactionary “fixers,” to agents working

collaboratively with community members to identify bugs and

issues before they come become widespread problems.


When your agents are on the front lines, getting real-time feedback

about the things that aren’t working, they can be prepared to

address them fully and effectively with others who are likely to be

experiencing the same issue. This saves the agents time and stress,

as they have deeper, more immediate insight into where things

are breaking down before they get on the phone with an angry



And the fact that the agent is already aware of issues and

possible solutions before they take that call means the customer is

more likely to get off the phone feeling like they’re in good, capable


saving time 2

Close the Loop

As any good support agent knows, it’s not just important to provide

customers with immediate assistance, but also to close the loop

and keep them updated about new developments as well. This may

be when a bug has been fixed, a new feature has been released or

rolled back, or a work-around has been uncovered.


A customer community makes it fast and easy to provide your

customers with the most up-to-date information. What previously

would have required individual emails, Tweets, or status updates,

now can be accomplished with one simple community update.


You can post a company update for big notifications, or just post an

“official reply” to a topic, so everyone who has expressed interest

in that topic will get an email notification of the update. That also

means that when the next person who experiences that issue

comes to your community, they will find the answer waiting for

them there. How’s that for efficiency?

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