Facebook Adds ReTargeting – Facebook Exchange Ads

Facebook Adds ReTargeting Facebook Exchange Ads

Facebook announcied retargeting to their marketing platform which is called Facebook Exchange. Facebook plans on taking Retargeting to a higher level by allowing advertisers to cookie people based on their interests, what they have as likes, and groups they belong to. Is this in response to GM pulling their Facebook Ads? Makes you wonder! It could have been in the works…

Does this mean, Facebook users DON’T need to Click your add OR Like your page OR Join your group for you to share your message with them? It looks that way. Advertisers will not set up campaigns themselves directly with Facebook. What happens is that Facebook Exchange, will let advertisers use cookies to target users based on their browsing history. Looks like prices will be based on the cost per thousand viewers and spots will be sold via third-party DSP (demand-side platform) partners including TellApart Inc., Turn Inc., Triggit, DataXu Inc., MediaMath Inc., AppNexus Inc., The Trade Desk Inc. and AdRoll.

Instead of applying cookies inside the Facebook platform and showing ads throughout the internet of other sites, Facebook has brought all the display inside Facebook . Just like the current retargeting process works, when a person browses a site they are cookied to display ads. Then the third party DSP passes an anonymous id through to Facebook who then notifies the DSP when opportunities to present an advertisement are present and the DSP is allowed to bid to show your ad.

The issue for companies is that they are still needing to buy ads. There is a way to have ads for free and reach a targeted audience inside Facebook – that alone pays for the system–  or they can sell the ads space – and make money beyond what they paid  for the app… But more on that later…

What’s your thoughts on this? As a brand… As a consumer… As a Software purchaser, As an Ad purchaser…


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There is speculation that as the platform gets enhancements, advertisers will be able to drill down to much more specific demographics than on any other platform available…


Facebook Exchange: A New Way For Advertisers To Target Specific Users With Real-Time Bid Ads



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