Work With Dr. Natalie

What Clients Are Asking Dr. Natalie:

  • Are we doing things today makes sense and will they keep making sense or should we change direction?
  • Do I really have to get a Facebook and Twitter account? Why? How does it affect business?
  • Who should lead the social presences within a company?
  • Do we need a center of social/digital communications excellence?
  • Do we understand the changes that adopting social media will force our business through?
  • Are we doing the right things? Enough of them? How do we know?
  • And where is the break-even point and when do we start making money?

Dr. Natalie is a T-Executive

What’s unique about Dr. Natalie is that she has sat in just about every seat in the house. What this means is that she has been an employee/executive in a company, she’s worked as a management consultant advising businesses, she’s been a leading industry analyst and she’s worked in many customer-facing capacities, including Customer Service, Marketing, PR, Manufacturing, Engineering, etc… T-executives have strong cross-functional expertise as well as deep functional, vertical knowledge. That deep knowledge and understanding is what eliminates the disasters that unformed decisions can have on other departments.

Key to Getting it Right?

Start with the End In Mind, Collaborate Across Functional Departments

With this diverse set of experiences, Dr. Natalie is able to provide business guidance that makes sense for the whole company, not just one functional department. Often times advisory guidance is provided, but with a skewed point of view. We’ve seen this in the discussion around who should lead social customer interactions. Everyone thinks their department should. Few have sat in the chair of Customer Service Directors, Brand Managers, CMOs, PR Directors to know the impact of what one decision may make on many other departments.

Corporate Insight

Enterprise feedback is critical to staying alive and surviving in this new social networked world. Dr. Natalie brings with her diverse background data founded in practical research. She uses social media monitoring to understand what clients customer’s are saying about them and providing that insight into what customers/employee think and want from them.

Assessments and Analysis Best Practices Programs

Dr. Natalie has spent 15 years designing, for dozens of companies, “As Is”, “Could Be” and Gap Analysis programs that help companies determine where they are, where they need to be going and how to do more of the right things to stay competitive. This is especially important in social media. Social Media can seem like a haphazard black hole in the wall that you are throwing money into. But with the right understanding and guidance, your company can begin to realize the benefits of what social media and digital communications can bring to life. By using assessments, questionnaires and return on investment business models for social media, Dr. Natalie can help you and your business know where you are on the social media continuum, to do more of the right things, to get a higher return on investment and win the hearts and minds of the executive suite as well as the board of directors.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in knowing more about how to work with Dr. Natalie– by her conducting executive education sessions for your team or executives, by her creating strategy and a tactical plan to help you get it all implemented, just reach out and let her know… your timeframe, your goals and your budget. You’ll be glad you did!

Services include, but not limited to

  • PR an Marketing – Corporate Communications to guide executives to obtain more exposure and brand positioning; Market analysis, competitive analysis, market positioning, product/brand marketing using social and traditional methods to increase the awareness, reach and relevance of your outreach; brand crisis management, collaboration cross-functionally with other departments or agencies running your social media programs, Community management of social networks- basics and the advanced, ROI of social media for CMOs, Brand Managers and PR Directors…
  • Customer Service- Call Center and Contact Center ROI using Social Media; Designing, implementing and managing communities; Use of SuperUsers for Brand Advocacy, Getting Buy-in from the executive suite/building business cases and calculating ROI’ leading the social customer interaction
  • Product Engineering, Development, Design, Engineering and Manufacturing– How to use crowd-sourced data to innovate
  • CRM – Marketing, Sales and Service – How to create great customer experiences across functional departments; choosing technology; implementing technology’ adding social media to the mix.
  • Executable Strategy- short term and long term plans based on the “As Is” “Could Be” and Gap Analysis using best practices benchmarking tools and assessments; strategy, tactics and project management.
  • Technology vendor analysis- Market overview, strategy sessions, competitive analysis, market positioning, social media, product evolution, customer experience…

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If not, then Dr. Natalie will refer you to someone in her extensive network of collaborators, firms and other experts!

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