Brands Are Drowning in B.I.G. Data: How to A Get a Social Media ROI

Brands Are Drowning in B.I.G. Data How to A Get a Social Media ROI

Information is exploding all around us: 1,500 blogs, 98,000 tweets, and 168 million emails every minute just to mention a few of the many sources that contribute to the tremendous data growth,” wrote Forrester analyst Holger Kisker in a recent blog post. “This year we will hit a volume of 2.7 zettabytes of global digital data and Forrester predicts that ongoing data growth will outperform Moore’s Law over the next few years.

When a brand’s fans share, they are essentially sharing content– i.e., the brand’s status updates, links, photos, videos… This content drives how and why audiences engage with the brand. But with 3.5B pieces of content shared per week, brand’s have been hard pressed to analyze their engagement / content performance, and in particular to be able to compare it to their competitors.

Often brands and agencies use typical social monitoring/listening tools to analyze social media. However, while that type of analysis is important, it doesn’t provide brands with a competitive standing for how well their engagement, content and interactions with customers stack up against other top brands. As marketers become publishers, they need to move beyond social listening tools and start using competitive industry ranking reports that provide insight into their rivals’ engagement performance. These reports are guideposts for smart marketing executives who want to know where their brand stands and the analysis to know how to improve it. This talk focuses on how to stop drowning in B.I.G. data, make the best use of the thousands to millions of dollars spent on engaging audiences in social media and get a social media ROI.

Come here my talk at the AMA Spring Conference

Mark Addicks, CMO at General Mills is also speaking!

Marketing in the New World: New Challenges. New Opportunities.
When: Thursday, May 30, 2013    7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Where: Minneapolis Marriott Southwest
5801 Opus Parkway
Minnetonka, MN 55343

As the world turns, what we think we knew about marketing in the past is not necessarily what we need to know to succeed in the future. The evolution of marketing is all about engagement; “talking to” is now “talking with,” “interrupting” is now about “engaging”, “marketing communications” is now focused on “one-to-one and one-to-many conversations” with the belief that persuasion gives way to utility and inspiration.

The Marketing in the New World conference is an all day educational event designed to provide a proven framework for marketers to pragmatically manage new challenges and explore new opportunities in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Track 1: The Data Explosion
The information, numbers, trends and insights to undertake new challenges

Track 2: Strategy, Execution and Innovation
The triple play of marketing you need to pragmatically explore new opportunities

Track 3: The Marketing Ecosystem
How and where you can/should engage in the new marketing world

Other speakers: Dan Israel, Digital Strategy Lead, SapientNitro
Israel, a seasoned consumer mobile and digital experience strategist will share with us a pragmatic approach for marketers to combine the various touch points, from Geo-fencing to the Second Screen, to ensure their intended content and call to actions reaches today’s connected consumers to tell a unified story.

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