Summer is Around the Corner… And It Is the Season for Trikes, Bikes and Tikes Time! Life-Savings Lessons From Dr. Nat!

With summertime close around the corner, all the kids on my block will have their bikes and trikes out! And come dinner time the trikes and bikes all get left in the driveway That is until Mom or Dad backups over them in their hurry to work the next day. To make sure your summer time does not go flat, RoadMaster has a great product that prevent this: a wireless backup camera! Jane from RoadMaster shows us how it works. We fell in love with Jane — Her passion for people and technology immediately won our hearts!

As you can see, it is pretty easy to use. You just mount the camera to back of the car via the license plate screws. And then the monitor mounts on your dash or visor. There you can see everything the camera sees! And in all seriousness, this is not just about trikes and bikes. Huge blind spots hide children running or playing near cars and trucks- so this story is not just about bikes and trikes- it is about keeping our tikes safe.

How serious is this issue? Serious enough to make it on Oprah.

According to, back-over accidents are injuring thousands of children every year and account for 50 percent of all nontraffic deaths for kids 15 and younger. Many times, the injury is inadvertently caused by loved one. The problem has become serious enough that there is now a proposal to stop backover incidents. It has 27 co-sponsors in the House and 28 co-sponsors in the Senate. A key committee in the Senate voted the bill out on May 16th and it will soon go to the Senate floor for a vote. Is your lawmaker a sponsor or co-sponsor of this good proposal? It is called the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007.

In its recent study, the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that during 2001–2003, an estimated 7,475 children (2,492 per year) aged 1–14 years were treated for nonfatal MV backover injuries in U.S. hospital emergency departments (EDs). The CDCs report which underscores the seriousness of the problem and the need for action to prevent children from being injured and killed in vehicle backover incidents. And thank goodness for companies like Roadmaster that just seems to continually come up with products that women love because their focus is on making life better!

And one another safety note, Jane shared another story with me In other countries you can get a huge fine for talking on your cell phone while driving… Janes friend was driving while talking on the phone. Her friend spotted the cops and in a panic, knowing she had been caught, she accidentally threw her cell phone out the window. At 90 miles an hour, she really had no idea where it landed. (The ticket was close to $500. Add that to the cost of a new phone)

Jane showed us a solution: a wireless, LCD, hands-free, Bluetooth speakerphone! Instead of having to search for your phone and try to answer while driving, now you can see who is calling and with a quick touch, you can answer it and start talking right away! It hangs from your sun visor. This won an innovation award at CES in 2007. This device would certainly reduce the number accident and save many, many lives for sure! The statistics for accidents due to the use of a cell phone are pretty extensive! With laws changing in the U.S., this might be a product you cant do without!

Thanks Jane for spending time with us and keeping our trike, bikes, cell phones and families safer! Say hi to your grand kids! You are a natural on video! Hollywood Did I hear Hollywood Jane?

Complete with all accessories. Nothing else to buy.? Wide Angle Viewing? Monitor Mounts on Dash or Visor? For Use with 12 Volt DC Electrical Systems? Great for Cars, SUVs, and Delivery Vehicles!? Helps Avoid Accidents & Injuries!

Bluetooth Speaker Phone ? Compatible with all Phones? Adjustable Wide Cool Blue Backlit LCD Screen? Rechargeable Battery with DC Charger? DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression? Auto Connection ? Call Receiving and Rejecting ? Call Waiting ? Call Forwarding ? Last Number Re-dial? Voice Dialing Supported ? Caller ID for Last 10 Calls ? Ring-Tone Supported ? Mute ? Built-in Microphone? E-Z Mount ? Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery


Back-To-School Trivia & Facts

I love fun facts some how they put things into perspective like nothing else. Trivia we all are fascinated by it. So here some Fund Back-to-School Facts.

Total back-to-school spending is estimated to reach $17.6 billion, up from $13.4 billion in 2005.
In 2006, total spending on electronics or computer-related equipment, such as home computers, laptops, PDAs, or calculators is estimated to increase by more than $1.5 billion (from $2.06 billion in 2005 to $3.82 billion in 2006).
When do people start back-to-school shopping?
16.5% will begin at least two months before school starts,
41.9% will begin three weeks to one month before school starts.
32.5% will wait until 1-2 weeks before school begins.
College students and their parents returning to campus will spend $36.6 billion, more than double of what parents K-12 will spend.
College students are expected to spend 27.5% more on electronic purchases ($10.46 billion) as the category expands to include flat screen TVs, Xboxes, iPods and notebook computers.

For more back-to-school facts, you can check out the NRF 2006 Back-to-College Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey at


Dr. Nats High Tech Mommyhood

In working on my book, Smart Inventors Finish Rich, Ten Steps to Reaching the American Dream, I got to interview some amazing women and learn about a whole bunch of great technology created for and by moms!

Women Have Been Inventing Since the Beginning of Time
I know sometimes the world of invention is thought of as more of a mans domain. In reality, women have been inventing since the beginning of time. For instance, did you know that the inventor of the ice cream machine was Beulah Louise Henry? She began inventing as a small child, sketching mechanical gadgets, and received her first patent at age 25 for the ice cream maker in 1912! Ellen B. Boyce obtained a patent for a washing machine way back in 1862. And the machine that made the grocery bag? That patent went to Margaret Knight in 1871.

What is interesting is that in preparing for an upcoming inventors summit,, I have gotten a lot of emails from women inventors! They were very glad to see that Thomas Edisons grandniece, Sarah Caldicott (with her new book, Innovate like Edison) and I are on the list of guest speakers. When people find out that I coach inventors, it seems EVERYONE has an idea that they would love to see in the marketplace! If you think I might be talking about you, and you want to be inspired by amazing inventions, inventors, and their ingenuity, read on!

Whirlpool Mother of Invention Grant
One of the most fascinating people I got to talk to was Audrey Reed-Granger, Director of Public Relations at Whirlpool. There she heads up the Whirlpool Mother of Invention Grant Rewards Innovation and Ingenuity of Mom Entrepreneurs event. And, get this: the invention CANT have anything to do with appliances. Whirlpool wants to reward women inventors who are making the world a better place; not better appliances!

Mary Anne Amato from New York is one of the winners of the Whirlpool invention contest. Mary Anne invented the Quick Change Crib. Mary Annes crib allows parents to change crib sheets without lifting the mattress or removing the bumpers, which is the normal practice when changing sheets in standard cribs. Her design lets parents slide the mattress out of the crib, giving direct access to change the sheets.

No-Squeeze Juice Box Holder
Owner and creator, Julie Steele, came to the invention world via her stay-at-home mom status. With two toddlers who loved to squeeze juice boxes all over the car, around the house, and onto themselves, she was a woman in search of a solution! Realizing she wasnt the only parent to struggle with a sticky mess from juice boxes, Julie set out to solve the squirt problem and invented No Squeeze Juice Box Holder a patent pending solution to the squirt problem that is also cup holder-friendly. And Julie created Story On The Go! an audio CD to transform car rides into a fun story-time experience kids will love and learn from. Julie developed 9 original short stories featuring lovable barnyard animals that children ages 3 to 8 will love, and each story theme encourages good behavior! A great solution for carpool, daily errands, road trips even bedtime!

Ellaroo Baby Carriers
Creator/owner Vesta Hartman Garcia became an inventor of babywearing industry by creating solutions to fit her life and goals. After her daughter was born in 2002, a limited selection of baby carriers on the market put Vesta on a path that ultimately led to Ellaroo. Ellaroo designs are inspired by traditional baby carriers from around the world while keeping the modern, style-conscious mom and dad in mind. Ellaroo prides itself on not only offering gorgeous, bold baby carriers sure to get noticed, but on being an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable business. All Ellaroo products are made from organic and earth-friendly products.

Native Remedies
Company creators and owners, George and Adrienne, set out to create Native Remedies after having dealt with their own child being diagnosed with disorders such as ADHD and ADD. The disruption it caused in their lives, as well as the devastating effects of Ritalin, inspired them to launch an online destination that offers parents alternative health solutions and hope. To help little one feel better faster and more naturally, Michele Carelse, a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in natural medicine, formulates the natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies. With a website chock full of useful health information, from diagnosis to lifestyle advice and recommended products to maintain and improve a healthy body and mind, you can see why they have over 150,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Baby Care Timer
What new parent does not need help with learning and remembering and communicating the basics of baby care? New parents are sleep-deprived and overwhelmed and often find it hard to remember who did what and when – like how long ago a diaper was last changed, how long ago the baby was last fed, or how long ago medicine was given. And its not just mom taking care of the baby; dads, grandparents, and others are helping out. To make baby care easier, the ITZBEEN was created. It is a multi-purpose timing tool that helps keep track, communicate, and share basic baby care information with the press of a single button. A quick glance at the ITZBEEN may help someone figure out why a baby is crying; perhaps the baby has been awake too long or needs to be fed!

B.B. Sleep Solutions, LLC
No parent is born knowing how to swaddle a baby, and its important because better swaddling can lead to longer sleep times and prevent and treat colic. A solution that would make that happen has got to be music to any parents ears! Enter B.B. Sleep Solutions. They offer swaddling blankets and instructional DVDs that educate parents on how to effectively swaddle and soothe baby 100% of the time.

Think you got a great idea?
If you are a woman and got a hankering for inventing and being innovative, check out the Whirlpool Brand Mother of Invention Grants at Is it worth going for? You be the judge! I think it is AMAZING!!!

Beth House received a package featuring a $20,000 grant, a new home office, and a two-day business boot camp to leverage Whirlpool expertise, including product development and marketing. In addition, Beth also will receive Whirlpool brands most innovative productsa Duet or Cabrio washer and dryer and a Whirlpool Fabric Freshener. The criteria for the Whirlpool Contest are similar to those of most great inventions: it has to create a solution to an unmet need; it must be unique in the current marketplace; and it should offer a viable business solution.

And if you want to get mini-MBA in inventing and learn how to QUICKLY turn your ideas into cold, hard cash, check out the upcoming Working Inventor Weekend

with Scott Evans of Ill be there speaking along with some amazing people! And keep me postedwhether its how much you loved these products, or you want to tell me about your newest invention, email me at


Dr. Nat at CES – In-Home Protection from Identity Theft

Dr. Nat talks with Dennis of Swann about in-home cameras that allow you to keep an eye on nanny’s, handyman — from another room in the house — or you can see what’s happening in your house via a cell phone! A guy had set his in-home camera to alert him at home if there was movement in the house… He got a message on his phone, could see the burglars via the video on his cell phone, called the police from half way around the world and the burglars were arrested… Here’s how it works…

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WIRED & Technology Academy at Walter Reed Middle School

Dr. Nat interviews some of upcoming new scientists and technology experts from the Technology Academy at Walter Reed Middle School, in Los Angeles. These kids are fun, bright were very excited at seeing the future of Technology!

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WIRED NextFest & The Intelligent Molecule d3o

As Charolette and Ruth hit each other with shovels, we watched in amazement because they did not get hurt… because of a new, intelligent molecule – d3o – which absorbs shock like nothing you’ve ever seen before! If you play hockey or any impact sport – you’ll want to request this material in your equipment…. And it is great for skiing, snowboarding, bicycling equipment… Richard is a material scientist after my own heart… making molecules that make life better!

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WIRED NextFest’s Buzz Aldrin – A Walk on the Moon & Mar

Buzz Aldrin talks about the Google XPrize $30M prize, what it was like walking on the Moon, going to Mars, the future of space travel and his passion for aviation and inspiring young minds to think BIG!

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WIRED NextFest & NASA- A Tribute to Female Astronauts!

While at the WIRED NextFest I took the ride of a life time- With Beth Beck and NASA… How to touch space? Beth’s advice? Start an art-space-band group. Rockets are how you get there, but space should inspire us to do so much more… This video is a tribute to all the female aviation and space explorers! Thanks to all the female astronauts that have explored the next frontier… young girls all over the world can take on new frontiers…. BTW– Did Dr. Nat really walk on the moon? Check it out…

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Why Invention Submission Companies ARE NOT the Way to Go: They Rip-off Inventors to the Tune of $300M Per Year

If you have ever seen one of those commercials for help with your invention, beware. Some and most of those companies are not real. In fact invention promotion companies have a track record is terrible. So if the success rates are so poor, why are these companies raking in the dough at $300M/year?

The reasons primary are:
1. Inventors need better education and resources so they don


Blog Talk Radio’s Jared Tracy Interviews Dr. Nat and Scott Evans on Working Inventor Weekend

If you are considering being an inventor or entrepreneur, you’ll want to listen to this interview by Jared Tracy. Jared of the Gadget Panel and Gadget Universe interviewed Scott and I about the upcoming weekend and what people could expect and why they should attend!

Hope to you see you there!

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