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Need a great guest expert who has a unique and controversial point of view on just about everything?

Dr. Natalie’s your best bet!

Dr. Natalie can comment on the latest on Twitter, Facebook, IPO’s in Social Media, or just plain old BAD Customer Service… Because Dr. Natalie is a seasoned, media trained executive who can deliver commentary that is succinct, savvy and entertaining she will provide the soundbytes that get your listener’s to tune in. She’s known for her ability to take a complex subject and break it down into digestible insights that provide the audience with clear guidance and tips… about business, emerging technology, leadership and change.

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Topics Dr. Natalie Can Provide Commentary For Dr. Natalie’s range of topics is centered around customer-facing issues, business and how it treats customers as well as their own employees and the exciting and challenging field of social media. Never before has a technology, Web 2.0, had such an impact on changing governments, education, corporate America, disaster relief funding, the homeless, etc…

Dr. Natalie’s Points of View Are Unique What we are seeing with Social Media is that the technology is transforming what used to be a one-way broadcast communication with the world and now requiring companies, governments, etc… to become part of the “conversation and the solution.” The author’s of the Cluetrain Manifesto said over 10 years ago that there would come a time when individuals would gain power and have a large affect on the world. That time is now.

Often times experts will talk about social media only as a tool or technology. And Dr. Natalie, as a former Forrester Analyst knows, it much more than technology. It’s fundamentally changing everything.

We are changing from the Inside Out Dr. Natalie is often quoted as saying that social media is really Edward D. Deming on steroids. In her keynote speeches she talks about how Deming advocated to listen to your employees and customers, take that information and integrate it back into your business, your government, your educational institutions. And when you do that, you’ll have happier, more loyal and productive employees who in turn, provide better experiences, products and services for customers. This is wisdom from over 30 years ago.

The difference between now and Deming’s time is that there is an enabling technology that is helping and sometimes forcing companies, governments, educational institutions to do things differently — that technology is Web 2.0 based and those “interactions” are commonly referred to as social media.

Become Part of the Change You Want To See In The World – Ghandi The changes we are seeing in business, government, etc… are related to what Dr. Natalie calls the “Witness Factor.” For instance in Customer Service, some how its been “ok” for an agent to be rude to a customer; maybe its because it seems like no one can “see” the behaviors and/or how the customer is treated. But in social media, the communication is not just seen/heard by one person, but by millions in a few nanoseconds. The idea that brands and enterprises may become embarrassed by this behavior is forcing them to provide information, services and actual help in a manner that was only served up by company’s like Nordstrom or Zappos. The fact is– anchors and reporters look to social media for stories. It’s imperative for companies to understand not only what social media is, but how it works, how to interact in it and how to prepare for the possibility of a PR crisis.

Nestle's Tree Oil Issue

United Breaks Guitars Issue

Dell's Lap Top Computer Issue

Domino's Bugar Issue

Comcast Technician Issue

Don’t keep your audience waiting, book Dr. Natalie on your radio or TV segment as a guest expert! Here’s a short list of example topics Dr. Natalie can speak to. If you don’t see it on the list, call! — if she can deliver the goods, we’ll tell you!

Venture Capital Companies and New Technology Ideologies Clash

Short list of typical topics

  1. Social media
  2. Customer Service, Customer Advocacy, Customer Experience
  3. Twitter, Facebook, Social media technology company’s IPOs- LinkedIn, etc..
  4. The Return on Investment (ROI) of Social Media – Why should businesses take part in social media? Is there an ROI?
  5. Top 5 reasons why a CEO must care about using social media to save costs and generate profits in their businesses
  6. PR crisis due to social media- What to do/ not to do when a crisis hits social media and how to prepare before a crisis happens (Think BP, Dominos, Nestle, Motrin, Dell, Comcast, etc…)
  7. New technology, mobile applications, Geo-location based apps like Foursquare, Gowalla and Causeworld
  8. How social media is changing who is in power in governments, micro-giving and charitable donations, shifting the powerbase from companies to their customers, transforming professions like farming, shifting how kids learn in schools, etc…
  9. The change that is required for a company or government to operate in this new social world- the need to be open, transparent, authentic and direct and what happens when you do and when you don’t interact in this manner
  10. How to know whether what you are doing in social media is the right thing, how to assess where your group or company is on a social media continuum and how to go to the next level and get the best return on the money spent.

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