What’s New About Google I/O?

What’s New About Google

Today Google I/O ‘s keynote on Google Enterprise news included info on:

Google Drive for Work is Google Enterprise’s new product offering for Google Apps. At $10/user/month includes unlimited storage for each user, new auditing and reporting tools for IT administrators, and Google Apps Vault (Google archiving tool). Drive for Work still includes the entire core Apps suite, but adds these new additions which were highly requested features. The Core Enterprise offering, Google Apps for Business, will remain at $5 per user per month.

With respect to Google Docs Quickoffice is now fully integrated into Docs, Sheets and Slides, so you can open and edit those documents in Office Compatibility Mode directly on Android, your Chrome browser. And it will soon come to iOS. This means you can open, edit, save and send Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from your favorite device. You no longer have to buy additional software.

How will Google Cloud Platform change developer’s productivity and data analytics? The Google Cloud Platform team introduced new features and services for developer productivity and data analytics in the cloud, including:

o    Cloud Debugger: a new tool to help you debug your applications in production with minimal performance overhead.

o    Cloud Trace: to get deep insights into the performance of your cloud application. 

o    Google Cloud Monitoring: powered by Stackdriver, designed to help you identify and address unusual behavior across your application stack.

o    Google Cloud Save: the new version enables your Android applications to synchronize data between devices with push notifications.

o    Cloud Dataflow: a fully managed service for data processing that can execute either in batch or streaming mode with automatic optimizations.

What about the Android Developer Enterprise? The next version of Android will include a number of new features for Enterprise users and IT administrators, such as a separate containers to manage and secure business data. This new experience will deliver:

  • A more secure mobile experience for business users and
  • Provide business users and IT administrators with the ability to adapt to evolving enterprise mobility trends. 

Google is engaging all major partners across the Android ecosystem to create a consistent and improved mobile work experience on Android devices. And they announced a partnership with Samsung to contribute Knox to this standard set, and also announced support from many of the other key OEMs. Google is also working on integrating with the key mobile device management players in the market.

There was expansion of Google Play for Education to Chromebooks in US K-12 schools. What does Google Play for Education do? It helps teachers find and share educational content. This gives teachers the freedom to adapt their approach based on students’ current needs and interests. Google Play for Education started with tablets, but with teacher feedback, Google saw that teachers wanted to use it to find apps, books, and videos for Chromebooks, too.

And that’s the scoop on Google!

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