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If you are in a business serving broad consumer markets, your customers are likely to span multiple generations – Gen X, Gen Y, millennials, boomers, silent generation and so on. A one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement won’t work across these customer segments. Worse yet, you might miss large chunks of your market by not having a multi-generational customer engagement strategy.

It’s well-known that there are significant generational differences in lifestyles, service expectations, attitudes and technology use. For instance, while many of today’s toddlers use iPads, seniors often prefer basic, easy-to-use, cell phones.  92% of adults in the 18-29 age group use social versus 38% in the 65+ age group. Younger, social networking users expect faster service and prefer NOT to use the phone. If your whole operation is based on calls, you are not prepared for this next generation of customers. And to complicate matters, regardless of age group, many customers have also gone multichannel.

How can you plan for a multi-generational consumer engagement strategy?

How do you design and deliver generation-tailored customer journeys so you can outperform your competition?

I did a webinar on the topic of Multi-Channel MultiGenerational Customer Service with Don Muchow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for eGain  eGain, a leading provider of customer engagement software. Click on the graphic to listen to the webinar:egain AMA webinar dr natalie customer service

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