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Verint made an announcement about the industry awards for its customer engagement optimization and fraud, risk and compliance solutions it recently received. These latest honors show a commitment to help customers (brands and companies) deliver consistent, contextual and personalized sales and service experiences across channels, while also helping to ensure compliance and mitigate fraud and risk. For more information on the awards, click here.

Verint’s awards included:

  • CEO World Awards
  • IBM Big Data & Analytics App Throw down
  • TSIA TechBEST Award
  • CIO Review’s Top 20 Compliance Technology Service Providers
  • TMC Speech Technology Excellence Award
  • PACE Customer Experience Award

The issues of compliance, fraud and risk have been the topic for many companies, whose databases were broken into and people’s identity, credit / debit cards and other information was put at risk. While companies want to protect their customers, often the databases where the customer’s data is stored / retrieved was built many years ago and the amount of theft was not foreseen and therefore not planned for or the thieves have just gotten a lot smarter.

Part of creating a brand promise is having your customers trust your brand. Both the customer experience (how it is to get information about products and services, buy things, get help once you buy them and long-term customer service) as well as keeping a customer’s information safe are both key to the trust required to keep a brand’s promise.

Software companies must be willing to provide brands both and brands must make sure to make the best decisions to create and maintain that brand trust and brand promise.

How many companies do you know that do that well, today and consistently?


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