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If you have seen the ROI of Social Media Videos, you may be wondering how the videos were made. So this post is about the creation of the video’s using the RSA motion capture process to illustrate the stories behind the narrative.

We started by outlining a white paper– based on the thought leadership — from both myself and Kathy Herrmann on the ROI of social media.  And then broke the topic into 3 video scripts:
1. How to Get Your CEO to Say “Yes” To Social Media
2. How To Calculate the ROI of Social Media and
3. How Social Customer Service Benefits the Whole Company.

And I headed to San Francisco to studio’s to meet up with the Salesforce team: Jennifer Stern, Sarah Suwanjindar, Sylvia Lehnen and the artist:

The RSA Social Media of ROI Team

We worked from storyboards that captured information in pictures:

The Story Boards For the ROI Of Social Media Videos

And we sat down with the artist to begin the process of drawing out the story:

The Artist on the ROI Of Social Media

The artist drew the pictures and the video cameras captured the artist’s drawings. We watched on another screen to see how the video would appear on the final cut:

The Video Screen Used to Watch the Drawing Process

I recorded the narrative and the voice and video were combined! To keep everyone’s energy up… we had yummy food and M&M’s!

Feeding The Troops M&Ms

Here’s a short video on the actual process in action:

Here’s a B.I.G. Thank YOU!!! to the WHOLE TEAM! For the great work!

The Troop That Made The ROI of Social Media Videos Happen!