The Digital Disruption: Is Your Brand Ready?

The Digital Disruption Is Your Brand Ready

Many clients ask about what all the fuss is about the digital disruption; why do I need to be concerned about this? Is this really new? Haven’t we been dealing with this for a while. And the answer, at least in my opinion, is that most brands have missed the point of the digital disruption. Many think it’s about having a Facebook Page or a Pinterest account or counting the number of “Likes” they have or improving the SEO on their website or the content….

The digital disruption is really a new way to approach business. It incorporates some tried and true business concepts like, “Listen to your customers” — only now you really have to do it and not give it lip service. The consequence of not “listening” could be a failed PR campaign or some other rumor or issue — that gets picked up in social, gets posted about on blogs and reviews sites (digital) and becomes a trending, online topic. Listening in this context means using some sort of online listening tool. That’s only part of the tactics of it. But it also means listening to what your contact center agents are hearing about your products and services, taking survey’s and focus groups seriously… It means listening to your customers and your employees and then taking action.

And once you have that feedback, it’s really about doing something about it – whether it’s improving the product or the service or both. It’s really about changing how you do business. And in a world that is now very transparent (meaning that when a company doesn’t respond, an online and offline conversation starts and as we know from the book, the Cluetrain Manifesto, markets are conversations.) What people think and say about your company can determine the success or failure of the brand. Edward Deming spoke about this back in the 1950’s, only what they now call listening back then was quality control. Nobody cared much for it back then. At least not in the US. Japan did take Deming’s teaching to heart and transformed how they did business. And that’s what everyone needs to do now.

So if you want to learn more about businesses that are doing this and what you can start thinking about if you have not already, you can come here a distinguished group of people speak about it in San Francisco, May 4 at the W at 181 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103. If you are wondering who should attend, here’s a short list below – and if this conversation is appealing to you – you’ll find many more like-minded people there to hang with… people that want to talk more about this topic include:

  • Innovation-minded business and technology executives
  • Corporate strategy and development executives
  • Board members seeking input for annual planning
  • Executives who use disruptive technologies and digital business models

Space is limited. Complimentary seats are reserved for qualified executives and typically include Directors and above. and others are included at Constellation Research‘s discretion. The event hours are 2:30 pm – 8:00 pm. And the event is powered by the Constellation Executive Network. You may want to make reservations!

Hope to see you there! I’ll be speaking!

VP and Principle Analyst, Constellation Research



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