The 7 Steps To Creating Powerful Customer Experiences & Get Social Media ROI in the Travel and Tourism Industry

The 7 Steps To Creating Powerful Customer Experiences Get Social Media ROI in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Most companies started out in social media with a very tactical approach. They created a twitter handle, put up a brand page on Facebook and said, “Happy Monday and buy our stuff.” And then worried where the ROI (Return on Investment) was. In working with many brands, I found that most companies don’t have any point of reference for best practices or a way to assess their social media and digital marketing program.

In this 1-hour webinar, I will walk you through a 7 step process that will not only will allow you to create better customer engagement, but will increase the success in driving customers through the marketing funnel- from awareness, interest, consideration and purchase…. and take advantage of what social media is so adept at – increasing loyalty, advocacy and referrals. This full-funnel marketing process provides executives and/or staff the steps to social media and digital marketing success so that they can:

  • Do more of the right things
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Reduce the politics and come to consensus on the best next steps
  • Get people aligned
  • Justify the plan to senior leadership
  • Track the progress and
  • Have the investment in social media deliver real, accelerated business results.

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Video 1: Building the Business Case for Social Media
Video 2: How to Measure the ROI of Social Media
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  • Social Media ROI – set-up measurement capabilities and dashboards
  • Workshops on Business Strategy: Customer Experience, PR, Marketing, Customer Service & Internal Employee Advocacy
  • Instructor MEMES Summer Institutes at UCLA Anderson & UCLA Extension
  • Customer Experience / Social Customer Service Excellence Benchmarking Assessments & Advisory
  • Software Company Visualized-ROI, Persona-based Solution Selling w/ Targeted USP & Messaging / ebooks, White Papers, Webinars…
  • Social Media Training, Organizational Change, Motivation and Goal Setting

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