Teradata Announces A Query Grid Software For Seamless Orchestration of Analytics Processing

Teradata Announces A Query Grid Software For Seamless Orchestration of Analytics Processing

Teradata, the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced thatTeradata® QueryGrid.™  Now seamlessly orchestrates analytic processing of data between Teradata and Oracle databases, enabling Teradata data warehouse users to leverage data sitting in Oracle databases to enhance their analytics.

Teradata QueryGrid software orchestrates the use of multiple analytic engines and file systems, freeing the user to concentrate on their business analysis. Unique in its design, Teradata QueryGrid enables bi-directional data movement and pushdown processing on data where it resides, while minimizing overall data movement and duplication.

As organizations successfully build out their analytical ecosystems, they realize the need to leverage more data. Additional sources of data enable users to ask new questions. However, to be productive users need technology that frees them from spending time moving data from system-to-system, or knowing the mechanics of data movement.

Teradata QueryGrid allows organizations to focus on getting answers to their business questions, not on moving data or splitting analyses into discrete processes,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Teradata QueryGrid can instantly reach into Oracle databases with bi-directional data movement or pushdown processing.”

Teradata QueryGrid, available with Teradata Database 15, supports The Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™. The Teradata Unified Data Architecture helps customers to design architect, implement, and orchestrate multiple best-of-breed engines, tools, and emerging technologies into a cohesive analytical ecosystem. It connects the Teradata Database, Teradata Aster Discovery PlatformHadoop technology and now Oracle databases to deliver a robust analytical ecosystem.

The Teradata QueryGrid software connection to Oracle databases is now available.

My POV: It’s necessary for all the various software need to work together. And there are so many choices. What I hope is that Marketers, Sales and Customer Service professionals are able to sort though all the various options. What I mean by that is that they are clear about what they have. They are clear about how to optimize what they have. And they are clear what is missing and clear how to fill that gap. Without that kind of analysis, continuous announcements of products is good, but may confuse the marketplace. Vendors MUST differentiate themselves so that buyers and users of technology get the return on the investment.


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