SOCIALIZED! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social

Wondering about a field guide to transforming your organization into a social business? Check out SOCIALIZED! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social by Mark Fidelman.

Socialized by Mark Fidelman — Top business Book on Social Media

Authored by writer Mark Fidelman, this 288-page “playbook” is designed to help businesses transform into high-performance social organizations by providing strategies, tactics and examples that companies can apply today to start increasing revenue immediately and for the long term. Filled with road-tested recommendations and real-life stories from visionaries and change makers, the book is designed to help business leaders create more adaptable, intelligent, profitable businesses.

Readers will learn how to create and nurture a high performing internal social network, or “digital village” that helps employees collaborate and share information internally as well as with customers, partners and suppliers. This book helps distinguish between social media participants vs. external social businesses who connect with their external “digital network” and build a community of brand advocates. Fidelman guides readers to manage “Darwin’s Funnel,” a sales and marketing channel with a social wrapper that speeds up lead nurturing and improves businesses’ ability to convert leads into sales.

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Here’s where you can buy the book: Socialized!

And the kindle version: Socialized! Kindle Version

Mark Fidelman’s must-read new book is called Socialized! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social (Bibliomotion, November 2012), and it is available at bookstores nationwide, as well as at all major online retailers,  including Amazon, B&N, Indiebound, and others.

Join Mark at  BusinessNext Social — I will be there speaking also!!  It’s January 6-8 in Las Vegas, and network with an exceptional group of social business luminaries, influencers and vendors who have experienced firsthand the strategies and cutting-edge social media and mobile technologies that are accelerating the rise and fall of businesses

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