Social Media ROI Webinar Slides and #SMROI Infographic

Social Media ROI Webinar Slides and #SMROI Infographic

Social Media ROI is a big topic. Lot’s of companies are wondering if there is value to the social media and digital initiatives. This presentation cover some of the myths of social media and truths as well as provides a sample calculation.

Here’s the link to the presentation: SocialMedia ROI _Dr Natalie Webinar_Radian6

Infographic on Social Media ROI:#smROI Social Media ROI Infographic @DrNatalie

Justifying the business case for listening & engaging on social media is a BIG question. And if you are developing or expanding a social media initiative, executives at some point in the process want bottom-line business answers. You might not need ROI calculations to get started, as there seems to be some acceptance that brands have to have a Twitter and FB account…

But if you want to do more than the super basics… You either need now or will need in the future a way to benchmark and track progress to determine to show if your company’s involvement in social media is getting you closer to your business goals.

I hope the presentation and the materials and resources are helpful!

And wanted to thank everyone who attended yesterday’s presentation! And Thanks to @jeffreylcohen for his help with the webinar and the ebook and thanks to @radian6 for sponsoring this event and helping to provide education for all around social media!

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