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This talk is about the ROI of Acknowledgement. Some might think that’s something that can’t be measured. In fact, there are many things that people claim can’t be measured. At the Spigit Innovation Summit I presented the idea that if employees and customers are acknowledged for their ideas, great things can come of it. The ROI of Social Innovation can and is being measured. Here’s the video of the talk… and below the slides…

Here’s the slides:


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What we do: We work with companies to deliver increased revenue and decreased costs:

  • Executive Leadership Guidance on Strategy and Business Use of Social Media
  • Social Media / Business Benchmark Assessments – Tell you what you got/ what you might consider
  • Social Media ROI – set-up measurement capabilities and dashboards
  • Workshops on Business Strategy: Customer Experience, PR, Marketing, Customer Service & Internal Employee Advocacy
  • Instructor MEMES Summer Institutes at UCLA Anderson & UCLA Extension
  • Customer Experience / Social Customer Service Excellence Benchmarking Assessments & Advisory
  • Software Company Visualized-ROI, Persona-based Solution Selling w/ Targeted USP & Messaging / ebooks, White Papers, Webinars…
  • Social Media Training, Organizational Change, Motivation and Goal Setting
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