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Social Dynamx Analtyics

Most large companies spend nearly 1.5-4B dollars in Customer Service costs, with 30,000-70,000 agents, managing 150M-350M interactions per year with a phone interaction costing between $10-$35.  Gartner says, “At least 35% of customer service centers will integrate some form of social capability by 2013.” Booz&Co says, “3 of 5 brands claim to use social media for customer support…” SocialBakers say, “Only five percent of Facebook wall posts on brand pages ever receive answers.” Martiz Research says, “More than 70 percent of tweets to companies go unanswered.  Trends 2010: Listening Platforms says, “Most brands’ still only use social data re-actively. Few have yet to take the next steps toward proactively using the data to inform their business decisions.”

So sounds like it just might be time to have a new game in town for Customer Service professionals.

Social Dynamx launched the industry’s first purpose-built social customer care platform with scale in mind. The Social Dynamx solution is designed for large enterprises and customer contact centers to identify, prioritize and manage millions of one-on-one social conversations and costs 10x less than traditional offerings.

Consumers now broadcast their opinions instantly to thousands, or even millions, of people from wherever they are. Social Dynamx quickly identifies relevant conversations and intelligently routes them to the appropriate company service agents to be addressed, while tracking and measuring results according to contact center-specific service level agreements (SLAs).

“No social enterprise transformation strategy can succeed unless Customer Service plays a central role.” said Michael Maoz, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst for Customer Strategies research at Gartner. “Current structures are inadequate. The challenge for senior management is to engineer the necessary process and technology changes that will allow customer service to evolve to embrace social trends. New concepts of recruitment, measurement and outcomes are necessary to allow for the increased agent participation in social media. When this happens, and the right supporting technology is deployed, businesses will see increased customer engagement and higher overall customer success.”

Social Dynamx Analtyics

“Much like the 1-800 number revolutionized customer service channels 20 years ago, Social Dynamx is redefining social customer care,” said Mike Betzer, CEO of Social Dynamx, “Our platform was built by industry-recognized leaders in customer service and social innovation to transform how companies build relationships with their customers in high volume environments.”

The platform surrounds a service agent with productivity accelerators designed for scale and the ability to streamline responses in the consumer’s channel of choice. Social Dynamx also integrates and extends value with standard CRM, knowledge bases and peer-to-peer support forums and has the ability to learn which knowledge articles deliver the most accurate recommended response for agents.

Social Dynamx Platform

Social Dynamx is a cloud-based platform for social customer care, purpose-built for the demands of high-volume contact centers and customer care environments. Through automated prioritization, enterprise-grade workflow, and role-specific user interfaces, we enable brands to redefine their relationship with their customers through all social media channels. Based in Austin, Texas, Social Dynamx scales to meet the needs of companies such as Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, Convio and others.

Customer Quotes:

“Social Dynamx replaced a patchwork of products with a cohesive enterprise platform,” said Mark Cohen, Director of Operations, DISH Network. “It’s like being given a car when you’ve been walking to work.”

“Social Dynamx brought simplicity at enterprise scale to my team,” said Phil Blum, Social Media Customer Care Manager, Time Warner Cable. “After a single onsite implementation session my team was working smoothly.”

Social Dynamx Console View

Social Dynamx Console View

More about the company:
  • First social customer care platform built for scale
  • Founded January 2011
  • Controlled release in November 2011
  • General availability in April 2012
  • Developed in “live lab” of Fortune 500 customer service teams
  • Multiple major brands using product
  • Led by proven CRM, contact center, analytics, and social media executives
  • Mike Betzer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jan Ryan, Chief Operating Officer
  • Dave Evans, VP of Social Strategy
  • Dewey Gaedcke, Chief Architect

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