Social Customer Service—The Pivotal Driver of the Social Enterprise

Social Customer Service-The Pivotal Driver of the Social Enterprise

The white paper I wrote is about Customer Service being the pivotal driver of the social enterprise. One could argue that Marketing should be the driver of the social enterprise. Others might even say that since it involves software, IT should lead it. Perhaps because Customer Service is always in communication with the customer and the software they use to do this scales — its what they have always done, they should lead the social customer interactions.

The issue for most organizations is that there isn’t one central group of people that is collaborating to foster the cross-functional collaboration required to do social really well as well as to gain the increase in revenue and decrease in costs that social aligned with traditional business can bring.The social customer is a radically new breed of consumer. They post online in e-review sites, in public forums, on blogs, on Facebook and Twitter. They don’t hold back. And these unabashed posts are in the open for everyone to see—other potential and current customers, competitors, your board of directors, etc. so it’s become impossible to ignore.

This white paper explores the idea that the software commonly used in Customer Service could provide other departments with the same access, awareness to what is happening with the customer and the ability to respond to customers. Should Social Customer Service Software be used by all departments?

Reward and Delight Customers with LiveOps

Watch this short video to see how LiveOps can help enterprises tackle the challenges of today’s customer interactions—quickly, easily and efficiently.

Learn more about Social Customer Service and LiveOps

  • Social Customer Service Webinar, presented by Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, prominent Social Strategist and Evangelist, and Sanjay Mathur, LiveOps SVP of Product Management.
  • White Paper, “Social Customer Service: The Pivotal Driver of the Social Enterprise,” by Dr. Natalie Petouhoff.

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