Secret to Obtain a Higher ROI On PR & Marketing Initiatives : Competitive Engagement Reports

Secret to Obtain a Higher ROI On PR Marketing Initiatives Competitive Engagement Reports

Did you know that there are over 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week? And its only going to get worse. In the midst of all this sharing, Like-gating and social media madness, PR and Marketing Professionals need to make sense of it all. This Keynote Presentation is about the transformation of brands- from static icons to social, digital experiences. Its’ about how companies need to reconsider their strategic and tactical approach to how they go about not only traditional marketing but also how to address the need for social media as part of that mix. This speech reveals a 6 steps process to follow – and where to get the data – to obtain a higher ROI on your social media initiatives. The free Competitive Engagement Reports are the key to not only to benchmarking your own engagement performance but also to compare to your competitors. These reports provide strategic intelligence and tactical planning guidance that can not be easily obtained in any other fashion.

These free reports help you to learn where your engagement strategy &tactics rate.

Strategy Intelligence:
• Am I effectively deploying my marketing spend?
• What are my competitors doing?
• Is my engagement better or worse than my competitors?
• What can I learn from other brands most relevant to my audience?
• Is my content marketing a competitive differentiator?
• Do I know how to use real-time data to make these decisions?
• Are my expenditures being wasted or are they highly effective, compared to competitors?

Tactical Intelligence:
• Do I know the themes of content that are getting the most engagement?
• Am I creating enough of the right type of content?
• Am I releasing content on the right days and times of a day?
• What channels does my content perform better on?
• What can I learn about my competitors and improve my engagement?


FB-EdgeRank (Photo credit: malharbarai)

And did you know 85-97% of your fans don’t see your Facebook posts? That’s due to Facebook’s EdgeRank. Facebook themselves admits the average brand page only reaches 16-17% of its fans. Data from PageLever shows brands with millions of fans are only reach ~3% of their fans. “If you want to speak to the other 80 to 85 percent of people who signed up to hear from you, Sponsoring Posts is important.” — Gokul Rajaram, Head of Advertising, Facebook. One way to combat EdgeRank is creating better posts. EdgeRank gives greater exposure (reach) to posts that are more engaging. Boring posts decrease your reach and thus your bottom line. The solution is more interesting posts. But the question is, “What makes a better post?” Without the right data, you can’t possibly know and are flying blind. What would your CEO or CFO think if they knew?

Here’s the video from the OMMA Conference, where I go into more detail:

By studying and applying the insights in the Competitive Engagement Reports brands see at minimum a 30% increase in engagement> TCBY saw >300% improvement in engagement.

For more information on the Vertical Industry Engagement Performance Reports:

For more information on Dr. Natalie, connect with her here:

Dr. Natalie’s practical client experience and her proven ability to help businesses –get started in social media, fast track, measure and optimize social media initiatives, vet and choose from top social media software, as well as optimize change, organizational alignment and deliver training—are the key ways she guides her clients to optimize their social media ROI and business results.

As a Forrester Analyst, Dr. Natalie led the pack by creating business cases for social media by writing the world’s first social media ROI model for PR, marketing and customer service. As a sought after thought leader, her work is the subject of four books and hundreds of white papers on business, marketing, public relations, and social media and is featured in numerous articles in USAToday, New York Times, Business Week, FastCompany…

As a guest lecturer at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business and as an accomplished keynote and speaker where she enlightens, empowers and entertains executives.

In addition to helping brands with social media initiatives she develops strategic, competitive marketing reviews and messaging for social media /software companies, prepares them for MagicQuadrant’s and Waves, as well as writes white papers, e-books and accompanying webinars so the vendor rises above the noise and customers clearly see how the software’s unique capabilities help businesses reach the business goals.

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