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I thought I would post the white papers here… In case you want to see how ROI can be calculated…
Lot’s of people have done studies to show that maybe people are being required to calculate the ROI — others have told me that while they are not being asked to calculate the ROI – that because the research that I and others have done, just knowing that there is real business value has helped them in their ability to convince their company to move forward. And others have said they used the information to calculate the ROI of their social media program…

This white paper was written with Mike Fauscette, Mary Wardley, Erin Traudt of IDC along with Kathy Hermann.

So here’s some more brain candy!
Love to know what you think! And hope it helps to forward whatever you are doing!

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IDC White Paper ROI OF Social Business Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

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