Racksapce Wins SuperNova Award For Next Generation Customer Experience With Zimbra Community

Each year at our conference, Constellation’s Connected Enterprise, companies submit case studies in several categories, including next generation customer experiences.

This post is about how Rackspace, who was a SuperNova Award Winner for Next Gen Customer Experiences, used a Zimbra Community, along with Rackspaces’s Knowgedge Center and Support Drawer to provide a global online community that provides its customers with a central place to share questions, discuss challenges, rate content and provide feedback.

Overall, the Rackspace community focuses on scaling the delivery of Fanatical Support, educating core customers, increasing customer engagement and sharing Racker knowledge.

A few standouts about the community include:

  • Previously, there was no mechanism available to provide assistance with non-supported products being used by customers. With the Rackspace community, the ability to share experiences about non-supported products now exists.
  • Customers now have direct access to Rackspace-produced content and information obtained in conversations with other customers about issues that may be applicable to all customers. Prior to the community, this was not readily available to customers.
  • Customers now have access to transparent communication with Rackspace leadership around important issues.

The results and benefits?