Our Planet Deserves Our Best Thinking: Apple is Leading the Way

Our Planet Deserves Our Best Thinking- Apple is Leading the Way

We expect perhaps Apple to always creating the next device. But Apple is up to more than that. They take the same innovative approach to the environment that they do with their products. They are creating new solar energy projects to reduce our carbon footprint. And they are switching to greener materials to create safer products and manufacturing processes. In addition, they are protecting working forests and making sure they are managed sustainably. And they creating a more mindful way to recycle devices, using robots.

In 2015, 93 percent of Apple’s energy came from renewable sources. Apple is constantly looking for ways to reach 100 percent. In Singapore, they are powering their facilities with a 32-megawatt solar project spread over 800 rooftops. In China, they are adding 170 megawatts of solar to begin offsetting the energy used to make our products. And their data centers around the world run on 100 percent clean energy and power billions of iMessages, answers from Siri, and song downloads from iTunes.

In addition, Apple wants to make sure they are protecting and creating more sustainable forest than they are using. It’s part of their larger goal to minimize the materials they take from the earth. They are measuring their water footprint and finding ways to reduce or reuse water wherever they can. And none of the waste from any of the iPhone and Apple Watch final assembly sites ends up in a landfill. They also created Apple Renew — a program that lets you recycle any Apple device at an Apple Store.

My POV: Apple is leading not only in the areas of devices, but also in a mindset that is more mindful. What good is a planet with more cool devices is if it is not healthy for the people who lives on it? Apple is securing the planet’s future by innovating the way they do business. For more details, you can find it here.

@drnatalie petouhoff, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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