Oracle Ups the Their Analytics Game: Signs an Agreement to Acquire Datalogix

Oracle Ups the Their Analytics Game Signs an Agreement to Acquire Datalogix

While difficult to do and very important, offline spending and digital marketing need to get connected. CMO’s need this data to make the right calls on their marketing mix and shape their priorities. Datalogix connects offline consumer spending to digital marketing to help marketers increase the effectiveness and measurability of their advertising.  It does this by aggregating and providing insights on over $2 trillion in consumer spending from 1,500 data partners across 110 million households to provide purchase-based targeting and drive more sales. They have over 650 customers, including 82 of the top 100 US advertisers such as Ford and Kraft, as well as 7 of the top 8 digital media publishers such as Facebook and Twitter use Datalogix to enhance their media. Oracle signed an agreement to acquire Datalogix.

How Does Datalogix  Fit Into The Oracle Cloud?

Oracle and Datalogix’s Data as a Service cloud solutions will provide marketers and publishers with the richest understanding of consumers across both digital and traditional channels based on what they do, what they say, and what they buy. This will enable leading brands to personalize and measure every customer interaction and maximize the value of their digital marketing. The ideas of contextually relevant content and offers is finally coming into it’s own. Will this results in the brand promises so many CMO’s are trying to deliver on?

  • The combination fundamentally transforms marketing automation from executing campaigns to being able to correctly identify consumers, target them accurately with digital campaigns, allow marketers to measure which campaigns and channels are effective, and optimize how they reach consumers and spend their campaign resources.
  • The addition of Datalogix represents a further extension of Oracle’s Public Cloud strategy to combine IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and Data as a Service on a common cloud and to transform SaaS business applications and processes by integrating data within these applications.

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If CMO’s are going to be able to deliver right-time, real-time contextually relevant content, offers  and conversations, then this type of data is critically important. However, the question always remains how tech savvy are the CMO’s? Many have been focused on creative most of their careers. Today’s CMO must become tech savvy or at least have a staff that is. What would help? IT. But there’s long been a struggle between IT and functional department priorities.

With the advent of SaaS, many functional departments like marketing want to be able to stand up their own technology without being pushed to the end of the line of IT priorities. However, while SaaS allows marketers to do this, many of them might benefit by having a real partnership with IT, i.e., someone who is used to buying and implementing and optimizing technology. It will be interested to see how the relationships between IT vs. functional departments will pan out over the next year.  Will they collaborate or will they remain at a standstill? Will leaders at the CXO office step in to stop the corporate politics or do they even know they exist?


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