How to Improve Customer Service by Dr. Natalie (Part 5) – Why It’s a Force Multiplier for Your Business

How to Improve Customer Service by Dr. Natalie (Part 5) – Why It’s a Force Multiplier for Your Business

Customer Service Your Guide to Integrating Social Media to the Customer ExperienceWhy OODAing so Important to Social Customer Service?

Social Customer Service As a Force Multiplier

In keeping with the military theme, integrating Customer Service with social media can become the force multiplier for your business. First, let’s define the term “force multiplier.” Its pretty much what it sounds like.

In military terms, a force multiplier multiplies the effect of the existing forces. It ascribes a greater value to the same number of assets. This brings new math principles into play, where 1+1 provides a higher value than 2.

For the whole story on how to use the OODA Loop as a unique way to use Social Media to improve Customer Service, download the white paper here. Or read on… A force multiplier is also a factor that dramatically increases or “multiplies” the effectiveness of an item or group—in this case, Customer Service. It is the way social media is used in Customer Service that extends its benefits to all parts of the business. Imagine having the know-how and tools in your service organization that can propel your whole business forward exponentially

While many departments touch the customer experience, studies show that the place where customers end up the most angry with a company are the experiences they have with Customer Service. And because Customer Service interactions are where the company learns about its products and services, meaning it’s the one place where customers call the company to give it feedback, it is the department most suited to following an OODA process.

This is true whether the feedback comes from phone calls, chats, emails or social channels.

For the whole story on OODA Loop and How to Use Social Media For Business download the white paper here.

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Setting an OODA Loop strategy puts Customer Service as the key to innovation, change, competitive advantage… Customer Service becomes the reality check for PR brand promises, the ability to deliver key marketing messages and sale promises as well as to provide feedback to back-office functions like billing, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, etc.

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