How to Improve Customer Service by Dr. Natalie (Part 1) – Using Social Media to Make Changes

Social Customer Service: The Daily, Real-time Board of Directors Meeting With Your Customers

For the whole story on how to use the OODA Loop as a unique way to use Social Media to improve Customer Service, download the white paper here. Or read on…

Customer Service Your Guide to Integrating Social Media to the Customer Experience

Customer Service Your Guide to Integrating Social Media to the Customer Experience

If a meeting like this were taking place at your company, how would you handle it? Whom would you ask to address the group? The vice president of sales, product marketing, someone from the C-level, CEO, COO, CFO? What special message would you create to address their questions, concerns and issues? In actuality you don’t have to imagine the meeting. That meeting happens every day, via the interactions with your customers. It’s in these interactions that your customer experience is delivered. In fact it is being delivered right now, this very minute- in your contact center, but also online in social media.

And along comes social media, and as if your customer service team isn’t busy enough—now you have to contend with Social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) Is social media just another channel of communication for your team to handle? Or is there is a much larger picture unfolding around social media and customer service? Business leaders need to understand how social media affects what you’ve always done- phone calls, chats, email responses and managing other work tasks in the universal queue. This white paper provides a forward looking view on how Customer Service and Social Media provide one of the most important and strategic business decisions companies need to consider to reduce costs and stay competitive.

In the past, Customer Service departments were viewed solely as a place where customer problems were handled and, hopefully, resolved positively. In fact, Customer Service departments started off as almost islands to themselves within the business, left to deal with the customer after the sale was made. Many salespeople would be hard-pressed to locate the Customer Service department. (No disrespect—they were out selling!)

Marketing only dealt with Customer Service, if they needed to, on rare occasions. We know today that the idea of integrating sales, marketing and Customer Service business processes has come a long way with education and the advent of automated CRM systems. Even with the technology to integrate them, most companies still operate functional departments as silos.

Just as the advent of CRM has helped to facilitate the integration of sales, marketing and Customer Service business processes, social media for Customer Service is now taking that business integration to the next level. But to convey the importance of Social Customer Service, we need a new way to look at the value it provides. In the next post I’ll talk about a new way to see Customer Service and a way to determine if you are a laggard or a learner in the customer paradigm.

And, again for the whole story on the OODA Loop and it is a unique way to use Social Media to improve Customer Service, download the white paper here.

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