Multi-Channel Desktop Customer Service Agent Experience: How it Affects the Bottomline

Multi-Channel Desktop Customer Service Agent Experience How it Affects the Bottomline

Multi-channel Customer Service is not new. Customers have been accessing companies through many channels for years… email, phone, chat… but now with social media the ability to find those social interactions and bring them back into the contact center just like a call or email has escaped many people This research was conducted by visiting 3 different types of contact centers and studying the affect of the software the agent uses to deliver customer experiences. In all three cases there were major savings or revenue opportunities. The white papers uncovered why Contact Center have a difficult time reinventing themselves as well as 7 steps to benchmark what the company is currently doing and comparing it to best practices and providing a gap analysis.To read each of the case studies click on the picture of the study and it will take you to the research paper.

Study on Agents Technology and the Bottomline Case Study #1

Agents Technology and the Bottomline Case study #2

Agent Technology The Bottomline Case Study #3








The series of three white reveal a number of important findings:

Finding 1: The Lack of a Common Definition of A Universal Agent in a Multichannel Contact Center

Finding 2: Technology Affects Agent Attitude

Finding 3: Growing Concern About the Company Not Directly Addressing Social Media

Finding 4: Significant Impact of Technology on Agent Productivity

Finding 5: Effect of Integrating Social Channels on Agent Productivity

Finding 6: Impact of Technology On Agent’s Ability to Reduce Customer Churn

Finding 7: Effect of Technology on Agent Responding Immediately to Negative Word of Mouth via Social Posts

Finding 8: Impact of Technology on Proactive Social Subscriber Engagement And Increasing Subscriber Revenue and Customer Lifetime Value

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