Mintigo: Advanced Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Being able to make better use of your MarketinMintigog leads is the difference between closing deals and not. One of the most important aspects of  marketing is to be able to have better discernment around the leads. And one way to understand which leads are really important and which would lead to more realistic conversion requires more than traditional lead scoring. And that’s where Mintigo comes in.

Not Your Grandfather’s Predictive Analytics: Using the power of predictive analytics, Mintigo discovers your ideal customer profile, targets the prospects with the highest propensity to buy, and engages them with the right message through the right channels. Mintigo predictively scores and segments all potential prospects, even the ones a company hasn’t engaged yet. There’s no faster way to prioritize a company’s leads, tackle new markets, and cross-sell new products.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Lead Scoring and Mintigo? Mintigo provides predictive analytics for both Marketo and Eloqua. So that leads one to question, “What is different between traditional lead scoring and the lead scoring that Montigo provides?” The difference? Mintigo improves lead scoring and enriching lead records with insightful intelligence derived from the public web, social networks, and third-party databases.

Data includes thousands of attributes such as technologies in use, social influences, department sizes, and firmographic data. Most traditional lead scoring is just based on firmographic data. But with Mintigo, each lead is scored using predictive lead scoring to identify prospects with the highest propensity to buy. Companies need to know what is the profile of their ideal buyer? Who are the prospects most likely to buy? Which messages will get their attention?

Knowing More Accurately Who Will Buy: Mintigo Predictive Lead Scores and the attributes that make up your CustomerDNA flow seamlessly into your marketing automation and CRM software such as Eloqua, Marketo and As a result, a company’s sales team will always know which leads are most likely to buy and why.

Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform analyzes a company’s marketing automation and CRM data to discover a distinct customer profile for each product. Mintigo then assigns a predictive lead score to each prospect in that business’s marketing funnel for each product. As a result, the company knows which products fit which customers and so they can provide the most relevant offers and messages in their campaigns. Here’s what Mintigo’s customers are saying.

What type of lead scoring does your company use? Traditional? Or one that brings more than firmographic data to the sales team? For more resources from Mintigo, check these out.

@DrNatalie, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research


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