Microsoft Envision Conference: Digital Transformation #ENV16

Among the many stories at Microsoft Envision Conference were those around digital transformation. Whether it be about Automotive and Volvo, Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Healthcare, ThyssenKrupp and Engineering, Case Western Reserve and Research, and Weather and Meteorology, Underwriters Labs and Consumer Goods, Rockwell Automation and Energy and Automation, Growing Underground and Agriculture, Real Madrid and Sports, Cities unlocked and non-profits, there is much to be learned by watching what Microsoft is doing. For the Live stream, here’s the link.

Volvo is using using technology to design safer cars. HoloLens is helping Volvo push the envelope on innovation for customers with technology that doesn’t intrude, but extends your reality. With HoloLens, Volvo engineers can see the soul of the car by virtually stripping the body away so you can see its skeleton. Rather than simply working on the computer, designers and engineers can see features, colors and options, literally giving them the experience of being inside the prototype.

The engineers can also see how the car perceives them, giving designers the vantage point of a sensor. This helps those creating Volvo’s safety systems better understand them, while ensuring customers are buying the safest car in the world. HoloLens lets people take imagination and make it real in a way that is collaborative, while also efficient. There are many more applications for this technology, yet to come, for cars and more.

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