Medallia Releases Next-Generation Module to Help Companies Systematically Eliminate Recurring Customer Issues

Medallia Releases Next-Generation Module to Help Companies Systematically Eliminate Recurring Customer Issues

Medallia® Customer Experience Management (CEM) provider announced the release of Medallia Resolve, an advanced customer experience capability that helps companies quickly find the root causes of recurring customer pain points so they can be addressed at the source of the problem.One of the biggest issues is that companies don’t keep track of what reoccurring issues their customers have and use that feedback to correct things in their company. As a result, the same problems happen over and over and over again, waisting thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Closing the ‘inner loop’ with customers has become standard practice for some companies resolve individual customer issues. And even more difficult is the challenge is to increase the strategic impact of customer feedback by closing the ‘outer loop,’ or aggregating feedback to uncover business improvement opportunities that provide tangible value for large groups of customers.

To assist companies in figuring out what those reoccuring issues are, Medallia Resolve’s new features include:

  • Best-practice-tailored case management tools that help companies engage in a productive dialogue with customers when things go wrong: by alerting the employee who is closest to the problem to close the loop with the customer, helping them better understand the issue, and letting them record findings for systemic learning and analysis.
  • Enhanced internal collaboration tools: which aggregate historical data from all touchpoints to give employees the context they need to solve customer problems — and allow them to pull in teammates for help.
  • An upgraded reporting dashboard: which opens the ‘outer loop’ by identifying root causes of recurring customer pain points — includingbroken processes, common misunderstandings, and training gaps.
  • A real-time mobile app: which alerts employees about customer issues on the go and provides the ability for them to respond directly even if they’re away from their desk.

In a time where margins are thin and customer expectations are higher than ever, it only makes sense to learn from a brand’s mistake, fix time and try best not to repeat them. Having this process automated can accelerate the ability of the company to better meet the needs of their customers and provide better customer experiences and engagement. How does your company find and resolve reoccurring issues?


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