LiveOps InfoGraphic – Your Brand on Socia Media On AllTop

LiveOps InfoGraphic – Your Brand on Socia Media On AllTop

Who should lead the social customer interaction? Been lot’s of debate on this one… Should it be PR, Marketing, Customer Service? A combination? Who leads, who follows? Would collaboration be an actual possibility? That’s what I explored with LiveOps – in this infographic and in our upcoming white paper. You can hear from in our the fireside chat I’m doing with the CMO, Ann Ruckstuhl at LiveOps at the CRMEvolution Conference! I think its around 3PM EST… come find us! And get some goodies! And say hello- if you haven’t in a while!

Here’s the link to the infographic we created…

And if you are worried about your Facebook Pages… here’s the info on how LiveOps can help you with that… more below… Is there a merging of Customer Service, PR and Marketing? My opinion- having worked in PR and Marketing as well as years in Customer Service… yep- it’s needed. But that would take amazing leadership to cut through the politics and the tech to do it right — is business ready to be restructured? I haven’t met a lot of businesses that are ready- so my suggestion is – before you start to fracture our brand equity by not collaborating internally – start to think about how you would lead this. And where to gather allies. It may not be possible at the company you are at. But I believe it is the future of business.

Here’s the scoop on Customer Service and Facebook. If you manage an Fan Page, the last thing you want are customers complaining about the company while you are trying to send out marketing and PR messages. What is crazy is that industry reports indicate that –of customers who complain about a company on social media, more than 70 percent of those complaints receive no response from the company. That is a disaster waiting to happen…

And Marty Beard, President and CEO, LiveOps said, “It’s time for that to change. As consumer adoption of social and mobile communications becomes ubiquitous, brands are forced to contend with a mega-shift in customer behavior and expectations for real-time responses. Social media and constant mobile connectivity have permanently changed the traditional concepts of the customer service contact center and customer relationship management. With today’s announcement we are providing a quick, easy and efficient way for enterprises to extend their contact center to their increasingly social and mobile customers.

If you are not familiar with the solution, LiveOps Social is a cloud application that leverages the LiveOps Platform to manage social customer interactions, with real-time social monitoring of designated Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages, as well as by hashtag or keyword. And, through comprehensive queue management and engagement tools, LiveOps Social intelligently routes messages to the best available agent to respond quickly based on the customer or message content.

What do clients say?

  • Here’s Sarah Barrow, Head of Customer Services & Administration at Wokingham Borough Council thoughts, “We’re choosing to launch the Facebook channel next because we learned very quickly how responsive we can be and how much more valued we are to our customers with Twitter, SMS, chat and email channels. Facebook is simply the next logical step. For more than three years, we’ve been using LiveOps Social and I can honestly say it’s changed our business.”
  • Here’s Matt Zemon, President & CEO, American Support take, “Customer service is happening everywhere not just in a company’s contact center. Customers are getting smart about brands, services, and products on their own. Most of what’s driving this is the popularity and convenience of social media. By the time that customer is using Twitter or Facebook to ask for help, it’s my business to make sure our contact center agents can interact with customers in those channels. LiveOps is a smart solution for customer service contact centers who want to compete in today’s very social world.”
  • Joanne McDermott, Customer Service Supervisor, Snap-On Tools, United Kingdom says, “It takes just a few minutes to promote product offers to our agents and receive orders back via SMS. In just a few months, LiveOps Social has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in new sales.”
  • Fade O’Gunro, Advertising Manager, Worldwide Sports Travel said, “LiveOps makes it easy to reach thousands of customers with ticket notifications, promotions and last-minute specials. These communications have resulted in a 30 percent increase in sales to repeat customers.”
  • Steven Henman, Communications Channel Development Manager, Royal Mail stated, “We’ve chosen to embrace the fact that customers are already talking about our services out there and we want to be a part of it. So it was really important that we start to engage with these customers. Talking to customers via Twitter, in blogs and on forums is quite different than sending an email.”

LiveOps Social helps enterprises deliver a better customer experience by providing a more complete and holistic view of customer interactions across all channels. A single, concise record of the customer’s complete interaction history is presented in the agent’s easy-to-use integrated multichannel desktop. Individual agent performance on LiveOps Social can also be monitored and tracked, and reporting of all customer-agent interactions across all channels is available in a single system.

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LiveOps Social was specially designed to enable companies to go beyond just social media monitoring. Customer service agents can tweet or post comments easily in response to customer needs, including pivoting seamlessly from Twitter or Facebook to more private channels such as voice or email when required and then back again if needed. Messages can also be automated, with scheduled tweets or posts. For additional quality management, optional reply templates are available for standardized responses and managers can also screen comments or tweets by agents before they are posted on Facebook or Twitter.

LiveOps SVP of Product Management blogged about the integration saying, “The way that brands interact with their customers has changed. We’re entering into a ‘New Era of CRM’ – and we know that if you want CRM to be truly social, the contact center needs to be social as well.”

LiveOps is the global leader in cloud contact center and customer service solutions. More than 200 companies around the world, including, Symantec, Royal Mail Group, and Amway New Zealand trust LiveOps’ technology to enable effective multichannel, social and mobile interactions with their customers. LiveOps’ award-winning platform has processed more than 1 Billion minutes of customer interactions and managed operations for the largest US-based cloud contact center of 20,000 home-based, independent agents. With 10+ years of cloud experience LiveOps is the partner of choice for companies wanting to migrate to the cloud.  LiveOps Social with new Facebook integration is available immediately to companies worldwide through LiveOps or its global partner network. Visit for more information.

Hope this helps you choose software… Remember if you need help choosing software, especially Social CRM or Social Customer Service Software, I can help!

  • If you are a vendor and want help determining the ROI of the Customer Service, let us know.
  • And if you are a Customer Service executive, and what help justifying what you want to do or are doing, please reach out!
  • And if you’d like to better understand where your Social Customer Service initiatives are compared to your competitors and best practices, we have a proprietary, specialized and unique assessment that not only gives you a score, but also a list of recommendations you can implement immediately.

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