KeyNote: Who Will Lead the Big Data & Social Media Revolution? IT or the Line of Business?

KeyNote Who Will Lead the Big Data Social Media Revolution IT or the Line of Business

This keynote at TWDI in NYC we explored Who will Lead the Social Media and Big Data Revolution — IT or The Lines of Business (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service…)

Whether its social media monitoring with software applications like Crimson-Hexagon or Fan Engagement and social media ROI platforms like Manumatix, there is tremendous value in these new applications. Perhaps the role of the CIO or CTO is to become the interpreter of software applications that analyze and use big data and social so that the line of business can reach their business goals? Many people would argue that that’s the role CIO and CTO’s have had all along…

Behind the scenes of the business potential of social media, another revolution is happening in IT departments. Social Media and other Big Data applications are provoking a tidal wave of new platforms, new development, and radical innovations in the creation of data, as well as the management and delivery of data. These trends are overwhelming the traditional approaches to data management and warehousing.

I presented the view that perhaps IT could help the lines of business by helping them understand how to apply these new types of software to their business. This means that IT would need to work very closely with the lines of business in understanding their business goals – like increase in awareness, leads, lead conversion rates, sales, customer loyalty, referrals, advocacy and loyalty.

Along with myself, Dr. Edouard Servan-Schreiber –Director for Solution Architecture at MongoDB, presented the his point of view on this topic.

In my presentation, I’ve included not only my 7 Steps for Executive Success for Big Data and Social Media, but I have also included some of the vendors that IT could be helping the lines of business choose to help them reach their goals.

The issue is that CEOs are pushing the decisions down into the lines of business. Never before have they had to really understand software to this extent. IT used to be in charge of software platforms and choices. With SaaS the line of businesses are making their own choices. Perhaps though, this additional responsibility of sifting through all the various types of software and choosing the best ones to reach the business goals could be a shared responsibility for IT and the lines of business.

What’s your thought’s on who should lead the Social Media and IT Big Data Revolution?

Here’s the link to the slides:

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