How to Keep The Love Alive – @Twxyt – Hot, New, Tech Start-up for Lovers in Relationship

How to Keep The Love Alive –Twxyt – Hot, New, Tech Start-up for Lovers in Relationship

Wondering what the top app is for couples? @Twyxt is the hot, new start-up that provides people in relationships a way to keep the fires burning, communicate quickly and often without having to post in regular social media outlets. It’s the perfect app for couples who work a lot or travel or just want to keep their

Years ago Roman walks in on a girlfriend hunched over with a journal, her phone and a pen in hand. “What are you doing.. I am recording your SMS in my journal.. You write me such sweet messages (especially when you have been drinking) and I want to keep them”.  An idea was born.

With the proliferation of social networks and smartphones raging globally, Roman revisited the experience, this time in conversation with Bianca and Tyson.  They found themselves face to face with an opportunity worth pursuing, the opportunity of creating the company dedicated to using technology to make relationships better.

Check out this video where I interview the three founders of @TWYXT

About the name: Why Twyxt – You had me at..”betwixt”

The creative process can be magical. Working with our naming ninja Nick Angel, we presented on the concept for an hour, we talked features for another hour, when the discussion finally returned to names, Nick says “oh, right, on names.. the first thing I thought of was “betwixt”.  Old English for between… and Twyxt was born.


About Tyson / CEO / Founder: Tyson was previously RIM’s founding employee, VP and a Managing Director in Latin America.  He has a passion for building relationships, messaging and all things mobile.

Tyson is married to the lovely (Dr) Sofia.  Two careers, a lot of travel and an infant at home.. they are busy!  But they communicate a lot and have a ton of fun doing it.. self professed messaging junkies.

Working on Twyxt rolls it all together.  It is relationships, mobile, messaging and fun.  And the chance to make a difference…


About Bianca W. Loew / President / Founder:

Bianca is a serial entrepreneur passionate about interactive marketing and PR.  She founded and ran as MD the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Mexico where she was a lightening rod for online/mobile monetization in emerging markets.

For the past year she has lived a long distance relationship with her twyxtr and now husband Zeke, an Argentine pilot.  Twyxt makes 6,467 miles somehow feel less!

Besides being a workaholic, Bianca loves traveling, Mexican and veggie food, is a Yoga fan and in charge of looking after her little brother Roman…

About Roman / CIO / Founder:

Roman is the Innovation Officer.. our product guy.  Ironically he is the only single member of the team.  So now he is passionately working on making others’ relationships better.

Roman comes from an all innovation background. At his previous work he was Global Innovation Advisor for TrendONE, a trend research company in Germany, advising other companies on how to be more innovative and educating on trends within the digital and mobile industry. He is a well-known and inspiring keynote speaker.

Travel the world, exploring new stuff, his football team Eintracht Frankfurt, diving and cross-golfing are his passion.

About Kalai / VP Engineering / Founder: 

Kalai is VP of Engineering, leading our Engineering organization. Kalai has strong architectural and software engineering background cultivated from a variety of senior engineering roles at Yahoo!, PayPal and AOL/Netscape.  He is also the founder of Kuralsoft, pioneering research on natural language computing.

Kalai is married to Keneena, the wonderful love of his life. They have a 12-year-old son who enjoys playing chess in state and national level tournaments. They are roller coaster fanatics, been all around US and tamed most of the top furious roller coasters.

Apart from architecture, design and coding Kalai’s hobbies includes photography, painting and  backyard astronomy.

About Adam / Lead UX Design: 

Adam is a Multimedia Designer who has worked with clients from around the globe. For years, he spent his time observing and analyzing the way people interact with computer interfaces. Once introduced to Twyxt, Adam’s interest quickly developed into a full time obsession.

It’s not often that your professional and personal lives overlap in a way that benefits both. But Adam began to see just that when his relationship with his lovely girlfriend, Sarah, began to inform his approach to designing Twyxt.

Likewise, he and Sarah’s relationship continues to take inspiration from the research required to build such an application.
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