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• Are you a brand? Want to know the ROI of your social media initiative? Want to be able to justify your program and gain more executive buy-in? We boil up your social media initiative results into a simple, dynamically engaging digital dashboard.
• Are you a software company and want your customers to visualize, within a matter of seconds while on a demo, the business value of your solution and the ROI?  We provide not only an easy to use, online dashboard— it also seamlessly integrates with your CRM and marketing automation systems to track your pipeline and sales.
Here’s a short list of some of our clients:

We are partnering with VisualizeROI to provide the world’s most dynamic, visually engaging ROI capabilities in the industry! email us if to find out how we can help you visualize your ROI:

In the mean time, if you are wondering how to calculate social media ROI, here are some resources to help you:

Video: How To Build a Business Case for Social Media

Video: How To Calculate the ROI of Social Media

Video: How Social Media Benefits the Whole Company

Ebook: ROI of Social Media: Myths, Truths & How To Measure

White paper: Calculating the ROI of Social Media

Webinar: Myths About Social Media ROI and How to Calculate The ROI

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