Genesys Makes an Acquisition For OVM Solutions

Genesys Makes an Acquisition For OVM Solutions

Genesys, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions acquired OVM Solutions. If you are in the Customer Experience or Customer Service business what does this mean to you? The investment brings what is called proactive communications offerings. Proactive communications solutions are an effective way for companies to reach customers with more personalized interactions over voice, SMS, email and mobile devices to improve customer experience.

Why did they pick OVM Solutions? In part because they were already an existing partner of Genesys. That always makes integration and usability better. OVM Solutions also brings expertise in sales and marketing to the Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solution.

What’s Proactive Customer Communications? Companies are really being challenged to acquire, serve and retain customers in today’s competitive marketplace. But there are still a lot of companies that continue to operate customer touchpoints in silos and don’t effectively utilize technology for customer engagement.

But the customer does not separate the silos; not like the company’s do. Customer expect to talk to companies in any channel, any where. And every customer touchpoint is important. Brands should be prepared to communicate efficiently and effectively across each of them. It used to be difficult to accomplish this, but with the new technologies it is possible to deliver consistent, cross-channel experiences that engage customers and deliver high satisfaction. But it means that the company has made proactive communication a priority to proactively communicating with customers over their preferred channels to strengthen relationships, increase loyalty and reduce unnecessary inbound inquiries.

There are some companies that do get the importance of proactive customer experiences. Genesys alone delivers over two billion messages annually in 30 countries for more than 350 customer experience leaders. What’s important to Customer Experience and Customer Service Professionals is that they do consider the experience their customers have and don’t be stuck in their old ways. I was told by one customer service professional that his concerns about buying new technology was the “last guy got fired because the technology he bought didn’t work out and he was only 2 years from retirement.”  That makes it really tough on people who want to don things differently but feel their own personal life savings might be at risk.

OVM Solutions provides of on-demand, automated messaging for proactive communications. With more than a decade of expertise in designing, scripting, training and voice talent selection they are able to deliver exceptional sales and marketing campaign performance for a range of organizations and applications including financial services, non-profits, healthcare, collections, retail, utilities, events and political campaigns. It seems like its something that most contact centers need. The question is not whether customer experience and customer service need improving, its more will customer experience professionals do the hard work to transform that customer experience with the new technologies that are out there?

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